Simple Tips To Run In A Proper Way

benefits of exercise

Everyone is aware that running is beneficial for health. Even if a person makes running a part of their daily routine, it can be easily avoided along with weight loss and many health problems. But it is often seen that in the beginning, people run with great enthusiasm, but leaves their routine after two-four days. In such a situation, it is very important that the running is made interesting. So let’s know about some easy ways to make running fun-

Start right: Benefits of Exercise

If you really want to not get hurt by running and you can run easily for a long time, then it is better to pay attention to its start. For example, never start running straight away. Do a warm-up for a few minutes, before starting running. This will make your body ready for running. If you want, you can do stretching, walking, then speed walk.

Change your way:

When a person runs at the same place every day, then it starts getting bored. Even a small change creates new enthusiasm in the mind. So change your running way. For example, if you run on a treadmill, run in the park two or three days a week, and people who run in the park, run on another park or on another route. Believe it you will enjoy it a lot.

Listen to music:

It can also be a good idea to listen to music while running. Actually, when you run like this, boredom starts happening in a while. But if music is heard even while running, then the mind is relaxed, at the same time you run more than your capacity.

Create a partner:

What to say if someone joins the running. Try to include your life partner, a relative, close friend, or friend in your running routine. Doing so provides a motivation to run. Often people leave after two to three days of running, but the running routine is not broken if there is a partner to run together. Additionally, if you wish, you can make running fun by competing with your partner.

We saw above that the right way to jump, but to run like every exercise, some rules have to be followed. While following these rules gives the maximum benefits of exercise, the energy of the body also avoids waste. Running is very important for good health, but it is a very good size, but keep in mind some things. Most of these people do not know the right way to run. If run correctly, it can be exploited as much as possible.

Head Tilt: Benefits of Exercise

Your entire posture depends on the position of your head and on how much capacity you are running. While running, you should look in front of you while keeping your head straight. Looking down on your foot or elsewhere, the posture of the whole body gets messed up and it directly affects your running. The neck and back should be taut and in a straight line.


The running of the shoulders is important in keeping your upper body relaxed while running. For better performance, your shoulders should not be raised and taut. Keep the shoulders bent and loose. If you are tired, shake your shoulders for relief instead of lifting your ears.


During running, your hands control the tension in the upper body. Keep the hands in such a way that the fingers lightly touch the palm. Suppose that you are running with potato chips in both hands and hold the chips in such a way that they are not broken. The hands should move mostly back and forth, not between the waist and the bottom of the chest and the elbow of your hand should be bent at 90 degrees. To relax, you can drop your hands straight down and open your fist and shake your hands for a while.


The position of the torso depends on the position of your Head And Shoulders. Your head will remain straight and shoulders slightly bent and flexible, so the torso will remain straight and you will be able to run easily. That is, it is better to keep the running torso upright, taut.


The center of gravity is the hips, so the position of the hips is an important one. If you’re maintaining the body in the right way, then the hip is also in the correct position. The back of the body, torso, and hips should be in a straight line.


Those who run very short distances, they should run with their knees up as far as possible. With this, they can use the strength of the foot more and more. But it is not possible for long-distance runners do. Therefore, the ideal situation is to run with the knee raised slightly, steps should be taken quickly and the long steps should not be filled. By doing this, you will get the full benefit of running and body energy will not be wasted unnecessarily.


Your legs go forward while running, so maintain flexibility in the ankles. You push the ground with all your strength. There should be a slight injury to the ground with your every move. Keep in mind, there should not be much sound of feet on the ground.


Conclusion: Benefits of Exercise

I hope the above mentioned simple tips keep running in a perfect way and also improve your body health without causing any pain in our body. Those who have pains in the joints, they should avoid this running exercise.

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Written by Alina Morgan

Health Professional


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