How to Converse with your New Partner about STI Testing


Every relationship varies from one another! It is important to set some stone rules before you start with the conversation with your new partner. You may find it difficult in the new relationship, but the caring one will stay with your forever. So, keeping this in mind you have to put yourself forward to start with the conversation.

This blog may help you to set the right parameters and the importance of talking on this topic so that you can start with the right approach. Let’s have a look.

Why is it important?

The very first question may arise in your mind before visiting any STI clinic in London– “is it important?” Actually, so. The biggest advantages are mentioned below:

  • Honest communication keeps you far away from uncomfortable situations and let you enjoy the intimacy of your partner.
  • From this conversation, it will be cleared how much you and your partner are concerned about each other’s health.


Along with the years, STD or STI infected persons are increasing in large numbers. It is getting so high just because of the lack of proper symptoms or early signs. Even people are not performing screening on time to take proper care of their sexual health.

  • Syphilis is also known as “the Great Imitator” as its symptoms entirely identical to that of other common diseases.
  • HIV has the potential to destroy the cells of the immune system. Still, its symptoms look quite similar to that of other medical issues. Even, it can develop in your body without showing any potential symptoms at all.
  • Oral Herpes has no signs or symptoms. But it can get associated with cold sores, fever blisters and burning/itching surrounding the mouth.
  • Hepatitis C doesn’t show any early signs or symptoms in the very first six months. After that, it converts into a chronic one associated with major issues like liver cancer and liver failure. Sometimes it can be fatal too.
  • Hepatitis B shows no symptoms or little symptoms or signs in the initial six months. It can lead to creating long-term health complications if left untreated for a long time.
  • Hepatitis A signs and symptoms are not apparent, rather they are mild. Yet the virus gets transmitted to others before you get to come to know about it.
  • Gonorrhoeagenerally doesn’t show any symptoms. But you may experience vomiting, painful urination or unusual discharge.
  • Chlamydiapossesses no detectable symptoms; hence people with it often stay untreated.


Avoid engaging in a vulnerable conversation with your partner. Rather you may try to start by asking the very last time STD check was done and its result. But if you skip talking about STD then you are threatening both of your life, fertility and health. So, it is better to develop a communication on the STI topic rather transmitting or receiving an STI.

This will give you a healthy lifestyle in the future! It is true that a comfortable and engaging communication depends on the person you are trying to talk with. Some may take much time, some not! So, make sure that you have considered all the important aspects before starting the conversation.

You can take a decision together regarding the preventive measures you are going to opt with comfortably! Apart from improvising emotional wellbeing, it will make you feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner anytime.

How to say

Here are some tips which can help you to speak up frankly and confidently.

  • Define the parameters 

Although it is a wide topic, you have to be quite smart and sensitive regarding the first words. In fact, apart from a positive approach, make sure you are able to keep your partner intrigued throughout the conversation period. Some direct questions can also work for you such as,

  • Which STDs are must be checked at a regular interval of time?
  • When the last time you have gone for an STD check?

Moreover, rather than focusing on the past, you can put emphasis on the present and future of both of your health. Even you can make the checking day interesting by organizing a movie or dinner date afterward.

  • Share some expectations

Even after sharing the importance of healthy sexual health, the conversation doesn’t get over if your partner is an excellent mind-reader. You can lift up the confidence level by saying that you want to go for testing together. Even you can say that nowadays screening becomes customised, affordable and fast.

  • Share some data and personal experiences

If you are already done with the STD test, then let your partner know that. You can share your own personal experiences and various other crucial pieces of information regarding the test. Even let your partner know the importance of this test.

  • Set the right tone 

The tone must be perfect while you are going to start the conversation with your partner. You can start by sharing your feelings about the partner and how are you at present too. Then, progressively make your partner understand that how much you care about their health and explain a number of good habits including private STD testing in London. It will make your partner quite easy as well.

  • Choose the perfect location and time

Obviously, the bed is not the ideal place to start the conversation. You can go for a pre-plan at someplace which is serene and safe. At first, let be your partner easy and sit comfortably. Then, you can go with the conversation. This will not create any problematic situation at all.

Speaking about STIs and STDs with the partners is not awkward at all. But you must know what are the essential parameters and tone to begin with the conversation. Even a positive approach, lots of information and most importantly perfect location and time are required to talk about STIs and STDs. You must add your expectations and show your concern regarding both of your sexual health.

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Written by Andy Robert


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