Is Drinking Water in a Copper Bottle Good for Your Health? How?

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Water has a tremendous effect on our body, and our health largely depends on its quality.

Contaminated water can cause several diseases, and bacteria in the water can put our bodies under serious stress tests. At the same time, water is a unique solvent for a mass of useful nutrients and can even carry beneficially charged particles. The influence of which can properly structure the work of our entire system.

Even in ancient times, people noticed that not only the quality of the water itself is of great importance, but also how it is stored. One of the most recognized and widespread methods of storing water was carried out using a Copper bottle.

The ancient Egyptians noticed that it is in such vessels that the water remains fresh for a long time. The centuries-old Ayurvedic recipes say that the water stored in copper glass is one of the most powerful means of naturally strengthening the immune system. It was noted that people who drank such water tended to recover from injuries more quickly, while animals and plants that consumed such water had better health and endurance.

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Modern science revelation on Copper Water

Modern scientists revealed that copper ions are capable of killing disease-causing bacteria in a way that no other metal in the world is capable of. Through observations and experiments, they were able to determine that copper is deadly for such harmful bacteria as:

  • Escherichia coli,
  • Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA),
  • Campylobacter,
  • Salmonella

The benefits of the copper metal itself for the body are quite obvious. Copper contributes to the proper growth of the body during adolescence, affects the effective use of iron, and provides the necessary enzymatic reactions. The positive effect is reflected in the quality of the body’s connective tissue, the health of hair, nails, and eyes.

Copper is involved in the regulation of heart rate, affects the well-being of the thyroid gland, reduces symptoms of arthritis, promotes faster wound healing, aids in the formation of red blood cells, and in lowering cholesterol levels. Combined with amino acids and vitamins, copper is able to support the correct metabolic process in the body. With a healthy balance of copper in the body, the risk of premature aging is significantly reduced, the person is full of strength and energy.

Like other metals, copper is not produced by the body on its own and enters our body only with food and water.

In particular, when storing water in a copper vessel, copper naturally leaches into the water in a volume that is safe for the body, which has an extremely positive effect on the body, and today we will tell you about the facts or beneficial effects of copper water on our health.

How Using Copper Bottles is Beneficial For Health?

  • Copper leached into the water helps in the synthesis of phospholipids, which, in turn, are involved in the formation of the nerve coating. With their help, neurotransmitters transmit brain signals, and the more there are, the more efficiently this happens. Thus, copper helps to improve the functioning of the brain, acts as a brain stimulant, and due to its anticonvulsant effect, it is able to prevent muscle cramps.
  • Another useful property of copper water is to reduce the risk of cancer cell formation and premature aging. Copper is an antioxidant and anticarcinogenic agent and, thanks to this, is able to neutralize free radicals and toxins in our body that cause cell mutation and damage.
  • Copper also promotes cell regeneration and reduces the depth of wrinkles, so having enough copper in your body will help you look younger for longer.
  • Copper water maintains the health of joints and bones. Studies have shown that copper water can help reduce inflammation – it is effective for arthritis, joint pain, as well as headaches, and general fatigue. Since copper is involved in the formation of bones, maintaining its balance in the body serves as a good prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Drinking copper water helps to reduce hypertension and supports the cardiovascular system. Due to its properties, copper reduces the oxidation of cholesterol, prevents plaque build-up and hardening of the arteries. This contributes to the effective work of blood vessels and the heart, maintaining the level of triglycerides, improving blood circulation and blood supply to the body.
  • Copper increases the body’s immunity since it directly affects the number of leukocyte cells in the blood. It is they who guard the health of our entire life system, fighting pathogenic bacteria that penetrate our body.
  • Copper has a direct impact on thyroid health. Studies show that people with thyroid disorders tend to have a copper deficiency in the body, which interferes with its synchronization. If you regularly consume water saturated with copper, it will help to make up for its deficiency and normalize the correct production of hormones.
  • Copper ions, which are released into the water during storage, create and maintain a balanced pH level in the body, thereby creating a favorable and healthy environment in the body for the vital activity of beneficial bacteria and toxic for harmful bacteria.
  • It helps to eliminate digestive discomfort, acidity, gas, and bloating. Also, due to the effective healing properties of copper water, it can be beneficial in the healing of intestinal ulcers.

How can you make healthy water from a Copper Water Bottle?

The first thing you need to do is purchase a copper utensil. This can be a copper bottle or jug. Before the first use, the vessel must be cleaned with a slice of lemon or lime, rinsed well. A copper vessel made of natural copper glows with a pleasant reddish color.

Then in the evening, fill the vessel with clean filtered drinking water and add a few slices of lemon to it. Lemon acts as a catalyst and helps our body absorb copper better. The water is infused all night and after that, we can drink this unusually healthy water throughout the day.

Concluding Remarks

The article has confirmed that drinking water from copper bottles is definitely given health benefits. So, adding it to the daily lifestyle is recommended.

There are many portals from which you can check out the copper utensils online. They have a large variety of copper glasses and other necessary kitchenware utensils.

So, do you regularly consume copper water? If yes, please share in the comments, what changes in your body did you notice after you started drinking it?

Do share your views in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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