Is Hand Sanitizer an Effective Disinfectant Tool


Is hand sanitizer effective in preventing diseases? Does it kill 99.9% of germs?

With the outbreak of deadly coronavirus pandemic, the demand for various household products is soaring high in the name of panic buying.

This not only includes staples like rice and flour but one more product which had always been available on commercials but never seen as a necessity: Hand Sanitizer. To deal with the current situation more effectively, you can buy Purell hand sanitizer, the leading hand sanitizer brand, available at various online stores.

How hand sanitizers are useful?

The portable hand sanitizer from Purell is playing an important role when we are at the peak of the respiratory virus season because they are much convenient to carry anywhere. This is the only product that claims that the more you use it, the more effective it would be. Below are the listed benefits of hand sanitizer:

Water and soap are always recommended in the first place when it comes to the cleanliness of hands. But soap and water are water is subject to limitations in terms of availability and accessibility. While hand sanitizer is an instant and handy option to ensure immediate sanitization.

Hand sanitizers promote less water wastage as people are often seen using paper napkins to touch their surroundings which is creating additional waste.

Hand sanitizer induces people to clean their hands more often while some are too lazy to wash their hands after a visit to the washroom.

Popular hand sanitizer brands like Purell are reportedly famous in hospitals, medical centers and are even first preference of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. You can buy your bottle of sanitizer from various online stores in bulk to deal with this situation.

Are all hand sanitizers equally effective?

Well, No, It is important to make sure that the hand sanitizer you are using contains at least 60% or more alcohol. Almost every brand is claiming that its best but better to buy hand sanitizer after reading the main ingredients written at the back of the bottle and don’t go on word of mouth.

According to research and studies hand sanitizers with low alcohol content then the limit is no effective in killing germs so the preferred limit alcohol content should be between 60% to 90%.

For example, you can check Purell hand sanitizer online, the main ingredient it contains is ethyl alcohol (70%), which is effective in combating illness. This hand sanitizer comes in a handy bottle that fits into your bathroom, rooms, kitchen, handbags, and even your pocket. Apart from that, a good hand sanitizer should be skin-friendly, soft on the skin, and free from any strong fragrance like Purell.

Are hand sanitizers harmful?

It is always recommended to use soap and water over hand sanitizer but nothing evident has proved that hand sanitizers are harmful. This is the only product that can replicate soap and water.

Yes, alcohol makes hand dry but hand sanitizers from brands like Purell are free from parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and harsh ingredients: smooth on hands and leaves irritation-free skin.

To finish with, investment in good hand sanitizer is a smart move to make towards a better preventive measure where you can’t access soap and water anytime. The market is flooded with several brands of sanitizers but making the best choice among them is a bit tricky. If you are looking for good sanitizer then order your bottle of Purell hand sanitizer online from a certified dealer, without giving a second thought. It is a perfect brand you can rely on for frequent use. At last, what is important is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and hand sanitizers are a revolutionary invention towards it…

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Written by John Brave

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