Potential Treatments for Coronavirus


The world is experiencing pandemic due to COVID-19, a respiratory disease that is racking the globe. Panic increases, fear takes over as more cases are being recorded every day. The need for a cure comes with urgency.

Many antiviral agents and vaccines are being investigated and developed but getting a potential treatment of COVID-19 is a  composite process. That is a process that can take a long time.

Hence, top-notch researchers and health practitioners all over the world indulge in different clinical trials, developing vaccines and finding therapeutical treatment of COVID-19 as the world is on a verge for a long-lasting solution. Let’s explore some of the potential medicines of coronavirus.


Remdesivir, a novel antiviral drug in the class of nucleotide analog has been giving a good result from the patient that have used, researchers are studying the drug in combination with others to give a good result in treating COVID-19

The department of virology and epidemiology in university in China has its first drug to go for clinical trials. All the other researchers in different countries are not left out. As of now, there are more than hundreds of clinical trials of potential treatment have already started.

The fact is thousands of lives are on the line as we all look forward to the researchers and biomedicals to get things straight.


Favilavir, an antiviral drug has also been approved by the National Medical Product Administration of China as a potential treatment of coronavirus. The drug has reportedly shown vigorous improvement in the treatment of the virus. However, there have been minute side effects in a clinical trial with more than fifty people involved. This clinical trial is been carried out in Shenzhen, Guangdong province China.

FDA approval of Drugs

According to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious  Diseases, the earliest a coronavirus vaccine can be utilized is more than one year. Every vaccine has to go through phases of clinical trials before it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the Health and Human Services.

Drugs already approved by the Food and Drug Administration are been researched by Pharmaceutical companies as a potential treatment of the virus, at the same time, virologists are also thriving to establish vaccines to protect the unaffected people in the world.

Remodel drugs could be a means of effective treatment of this virus but they still need to go for clinical trials to be certain about the effectiveness of the drug.

Drugs used for the treatment of Ebola and SARS have also shown a promising result but its effectiveness is still unclear.

How effective are these potential treatments

For now, medications are given to the patient with coronavirus to help subdue the effect of the virus has it is known to weaken the immune system.

These antiviral are randomly assigned to the patient to experiment with the effect of the drug on the virus. In most cases, the patient is studied closely to see the outcome while putting into consideration the side effects, sensitivity, and many more.

Here is a note of caution. Most of the drugs are still in the first stage of clinical trials and still need to undergo more stages before it can be administered on patients. People are panicking and coronavirus patients are already at their end for drugs to be developed fast. However, precautions must be taken. Just recently in Iran, nearly 300 death was recorded and more than 1000 sickened after taken methanol, a toxic alcohol they believed to protect against the coronavirus. Sometimes, the virus itself might not kill, but fear can.

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Written by Joe Maillet


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