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meditation change your life

We all know how important our mental well-being is to our bodies. A healthy mental health routine includes destressing often, exercising, and relaxing your mind. Yoga and meditation help to relax your mind. According to a yoga practitioner, Romik Yeghnazary, meditation is part of yoga exercises and is good for your physical and mental health.

Understanding Meditation

Meditation can transform people’s way of thinking and help them with stress. It’s especially good for those looking to transform their lives, even when they think it’s impossible. Meditation is more than just sitting still in one place. It is about finding peace in your inner sanctum. Those who meditate make the best decision about their lives and relationship with people.

Moreover, to practice the yoga technique, you should understand what it entails. Romik Yeghnazary said that meditation can reduce anxiety, improve creativity, and unlock your mind. It frees you from worries and helps you sleep better.

Meditation and Mental Well-being

Meditation effectively changes your mental thinking ability, thereby improving your health. While practicing, you put all your mind on a single thing only, like controlling your air intake. Another thing is to ignore all distractions to focus on what you are doing at the moment. This way, you can put all your energy into more important things. And this is why people who meditate are able to control their emotions well.

Helpful Meditation Tips

  • Locate an area without noise. Recline or sit down in such a place to prevent distractions or disturbances. “Ensure you’re comfortable while sitting down or reclining because that is very important,” says Romik Yeghnazary. A chair or the ground is a good place to sit.
  • Focus on your breathing by closing your eyes because it is a vital step in quieting your mind.
  • Then focus more and remain aware by counting each breath as you inhale and exhale. However, some thoughts might linger in your mind a little bit, but it is okay. The more you meditate, the more your focusing technique improves.

Some Common Meditation Methods

There are several meditation methods for beginners. This article will discuss a few of them:

  • The repeated use of a word or mantra: Many yoga enthusiasts focus on a particular word or mantra while meditating. They repeatedly recite these words many times in their head to stay calm and focused as they meditate.
  • Breath control: Using this method, Romik Yeghnazary says a beginner can focus more on his/her breath during meditation. You can feel each breath you take in and out and your mind relaxing.
  • Body control: This is another meditation method whereby the meditator focuses on a particular body part. Once the focus is put on that part, the person will have a different feeling in that area. As a result, he/she will have a calm body and mind.


Other Aspects of Meditation

Apart from doing yoga, meditation also includes mindfulness. But many people relate mindfulness to Buddhism due to the chants when they practice mindfulness and meditation. However, western practitioners of mindfulness have tried to lightly sidestep the Buddhism part, which can be a bit tricky. Some even went as far as separating mindfulness from Buddhism in the Western community. Doctors have used such mindfulness practices to treat patients with mental illnesses.

The Use of Mindfulness in the Western World

Doctors have used mindfulness in cleansing the mind, managing anxiety, and coping with pain. Some years back, some doctors taught their patients some mindfulness techniques to treat their pain and stress. The program took a month and a week to help out those whose medication didn’t help. The main aim is to ease their pain and help them live better lives. The program was successful and the medical community approved of the use of mindfulness to treat patients. Similarly, other medical practitioners have adopted mindfulness in their various medical practices.

The Impact of Mindfulness on People

Mindfulness helps in pain and stress management, but it is deeper than that. It is good for people who want to rediscover themselves when they are lost. It lets them find themselves when they don’t know who they are. Furthermore, it helps them navigate this world and any confusion they meet on the way.

Why Some People Fail in Meditation

Some beginners have tried but failed to meditate. It is mostly due to trying to meditate too much at an early stage and overestimating their abilities. Then they get frustrated from their inability to meditate correctly. This further increased their stress level and worries. In addition, they think that to meditate is to torture themselves and the best meditator suffers the most. But this is a wrong assumption.


Finally, the idea that meditation equates to suffering is a wrong mindset people should discard. Meditation should make you feel relaxed, not make you feel tortured. Romik Yeghnazary also said that people mistake meditation as a cure for any disease or illness. They refuse to go to the hospital and meditate instead, which is wrong. Seek the right help if you are feeling unwell physically or mentally.

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Written by Romik Yeghnazary

During his 17-year career, Romik Yeghnazary has funded over seven hundred million dollars in volume. His passion for finance, reputable work ethic, and drive to put the best deals together for his clients, inspired him to open his own boutique mortgage brokerage.


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