Serious Side Effects of Starving

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Water and food is the necessity of life; without these for a long time, a person can die. The food we eat daily provides energy, fuel to the body, and various beneficial functions to support our body effectively. Nature has made the whole system quite remarkable that our body also stores some amount of food for bad times. When a person stops eating due to any reason, those stores start consuming and helping the body maintain the homeostasis level. For some time, you can survive, but non-consumption of food or water for a long time is known as starvation that can have severe side effects on the body.

Many people love food and trying new food. The foodies are prone to weight gain to keep a check on their weight with a weight loss calculator. The weight loss goal calculator is a fantastic tool that tells you how many calories to lose weight according to your body weight and height. The demand for weight loss calorie calculator is becoming high day by day due to its easy access and operation.  Now you can access your calorie requirement and calories to lose daily with the calorie weight loss calculator in a single click.

Starving consequences:

Overeating and under eating are alarming situations that can have adverse effects on the mind and body. The following are the few severe side effects of starving:


It starts with dehydration. There are different levels of dehydration. Initially, you feel thirst, headache, weakness, and dizziness, leading to seizures, kidney failure, brain damage, and eventually death.


The long term starving situation makes the body deficient of the macro as well as the micronutrients. The imbalance of the nutrients altered the body’s functionality like the hormone system’s disturbance causes many diseases. Severe acute malnutrition causes multiple protein deficiency diseases.

Irregular menstruation:

Usually, overweight or obese girls have to face menstrual and other hormonal issues. That’s why they keep focusing on their weight limit and losing weight. The weight loss calorie calculator tool is perfect for helping them as it is quick in providing an authentic and individualized outcome. It helps you in tracking your weight loss journey and maintain the weight as well. But the irregular menstruation is also linked with the starving. Some girls think they are starving is a good option to lose weight and balancing periods, but it is a wrong concept; it just harms you in any way.


The inadequate consumption of food and water makes the body dehydrated, causing the body to defecate. Anorexia is linked with constipation. Constipation is a significant health issue that is associated with several illnesses.

Brain damage:

In the initial stages, the body uses its stored nutrients to make the body survive. The protein sources break down and provide energy, then the fats eventually breakdown at last. This period is relatively short as the ketone bodies form and enter the brain. These ketone bodies are highly damaging for the brain and have the potential for brain failure.

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