9 Tips to Stay Healthy while doing Sitting Job


Staying healthy needs a lot of hard work, and it is important to follow a good routine. It is very difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle, especially those who are doing a sitting job!

A healthy life routine integrates various good things, such as good eating habits, regular exercise, sound sleep, and various other challenging tasks. If you ignore various aspects of a good life, then your good health will start eroding gradually.

1. Take 5 Minutes Break

Our minds cannot work efficiently when we continuously do the same for long hours. Therefore, it is a good idea to take 5 minutes to break after every hour. In this break, you should leave your workspace and go out to breathe fresh air and walk.

This 5 minutes will refresh your mind, let you do your work efficiently when you return back. Taking a break after every one hour also keeps your body active. So, these short breaks are not just good for your mind and also helpful for your physical health.

2. Stretch Your Body

You can stretch your body while sitting on your desk. It will help to reduce stress and increase blood flow in your body. Stretching is another good way to keep your body active. Moreover, you will feel relaxed after doing stretching. It will take only a few minutes and offer various good health benefits.

3. Take Stairs & Ditch Elevators

Walking is one of the best exercises! Therefore, you should walk whenever it is possible. You should take 10,000 steps in one day to be healthy. It is difficult to walk when you are spending your whole day at your desk.

Take stairs and avoid taking elevators, park your vehicle away from the office so that you can walk, go on the morning walk, and look for various other creative ways to walk.

You can walk while taking phone calls. It is so because the phone call session is long, and if you keep walking while talking on the phone, then it will simply increase your footsteps in a day.

4. Regular Workout Session

We understand that it is very difficult to get extra time for a regular workout. But, the right planning and proper schedule will help you to find extra time from your busy schedule. You do not need to join an expensive gym, and you can do a workout at home.

The home workout will save time and also help you to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, during a hot summer day, you can easily do a workout at home. You can simply turn on air conditioning Sydney to maintain a good temperature and ideal humidity level for a workout.  The extreme humidity level can create hurdles in your regular workout.

5. Plan & Schedule Your Meals

Due to a hectic schedule, most people either forget to take their meals or grab junk food items. Therefore, it is important to plan & schedule your meals. It will help you to take only healthy food and have your meals at the right time.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and you should never skip it. Your breakfast should be rich in protein and healthy food items. Meal planning will help you to make only healthy choices. Good food is very important for good health and also helps you to stay active.

6. Stand While Working

According to the survey, sitting for long hours is really bad for your health. Therefore, recently a new trend has been introduced i.e., standing while working. You stand up in the middle of your work and do your working in standing position. It will help in reducing your continuous sitting hours and let you be healthy.

7. Drink Good Amount of Water

Everyone should drink plenty of water! It helps in losing extra pounds, stay young, and uplift your appearance. Moreover, it will provide you an excuse to stand up and walk over the water filter to fill up your bottle. Drinking plenty of water also helps in removing toxic chemicals from your body.

8. Sound Sleep

The sitting job usually includes a lot of mental stress and heavy workload. Therefore, it is very important to take proper sleep so that your mind gets refreshed for another hectic day. People usually complain of bad sleep during the hot summer season.

During summer, extreme temperature and high level of humidity will affect your sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to install ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home.

9. Bring Healthy Lunch

Rather than eating food in a restaurant, you should prepare your meals and bring lunch to your office. Restaurant food is not really healthy, and you do not know what kind of ingredients they are using to prepare meals. When you prepare your lunch, then there is a high probability that you will make good choices.

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