What Are The Right Techniques For The Diabetic Foot Care?


Diabetes is one of the common problems these days. According to the survey, most people around the whole world are suffering from diabetes. There is no cure for diabetes. But, after following a good schedule and a healthy lifestyle, you can live a normal life just like other people. People who are suffering from diabetes are at a high risk of various foot complications. Therefore, diabetic people should take care of their feet. If diabetic people fail to take care of their health and do not follow the imperative rules and regulations, they may start suffering various complications. Even the small wound can become incurable for diabetic people. Diabetes can also lead to nerve damage and loss of sensation. Restricted blood flow is another problem in the diabetic people that slow down the wound healing process. Diabetic people should take care of their feet because they are at high risk of complications in their feet. Here, in this article, we have listed a few points that will help the diabetic people to take off their feet:

  1. Regular Feet Inspection

Diabetic people should take care of their feet and do a regular inspection. It is recommended that diabetic people should check their feet at least once a day. You should prevent your skin from getting excessively dry, blisters, red spots, cracks, and sores. You should place a mirror beneath your feet so that you can thoroughly examine your feet. You should immediately visit your doctor if you observe any sign of wound or infection in your feet.

  1. Gently Wash Your Feet

You should gently wash your feet and always use lukewarm water. Experts recommend that diabetic people should use soft cloth or sponge to rub their feet. Finally, take a soft cloth to pat them dry. Make sure that area between the toes is completely dry. If you fail to clean the space between the toes, moisture will trap inside and will lead to any kind of infection. Therefore, you should properly dry your feet. Sometimes, the trapped moisture can also lead to the generation of foot ulcer.

  1. Weekly Trim Your Toenails

Toenails can trap dirt and lead to a foot infection. Therefore, you should weekly trim your nails and smooth the edges with the filer. Cut your nails straight across with nail clippers and use a file to smooth the edges. While trimming your foot nails, you should be careful. Make sure that you do not trim your toenails too short.

  1. Never Walk Barefoot

You should always protect your feet from infection. Thus, you should avoid walking barefoot, even if you have to go from one room of your house to another room. Also, you should always wear clean and dry socks. Also, you should change your socks regularly. Always keep in mind that you should shake out your shoes so that you can kick out pebble, dirt, or stone stuck inside your shoes. During summer, shoes can build up moisture, therefore, you should leave them in an area where they can dry.

  1. Invest In Diabetic Friendly Shoes & Socks

The market is flooded with diabetic-friendly shoes and socks. The diabetic shoes ensure good comfort and air circulation so that there should be no moisture build-up inside the shoes. When it comes to choosing the diabetic-friendly shoes, you should check the padding, coverage, and support. In addition to this, diabetic shoes are made up of good quality material. The diabetic socks are also made up of good quality fabric that ensures breathability and comfort. You should also invest in the foot pillow heel protectors. The heel protectors will prevent your heel from any kind of injury or wound. Thus, you should invest in the good quality heel protectors. 

  1. Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control

You should put in a lot of effort to keep your blood sugar level under control. Managing diabetes can prevent you from various complications. If you fail to keep the blood sugar level under control, you may experience worsening neuropathy. In case, foot wounds occur, you should immediately consult the doctor. You should also ask for precautions that you should take. You should take the prescribed medicines at the right time. If you maintain the blood sugar level under control, you can live a normal life like other healthy people.  

  1. Purchase Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to purchasing special diabetic boots, you should pay special attention to comfort. You should not purchase any shoes without trying it. You should wear shoes and ensure that you do not feel tight at your toes. Also, it is recommended that you should check your feet from inside out. Make sure that your shoes do not become the major reason for the foot problem.

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