How you can use Scarf to Cover the Face in Coronavirus Pandemic


During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it has become mandatory to cover the face to stop the virus to spread. As the contamination is mainly through droplets; it is very important to cover the mouth while sneezing and coughing. This is a major way to restrict the Coronavirus to infect others. For that reason, along with maintaining social distancing, many governments have made it compulsory to cover the face in the public area.

However, many people are wondering what will be the perfect way to cover the face. Do they need masks or they can use the Cashmere Scarf for the purpose? As medical accessories like N95 masks which are very important for the medical practitioners are not available in the required amount, the government has encouraged to use the cloth covering instead.

While you are using public transport or visit any crowded place, don’t forget to cover your face as it has become mandatory. So, if you don’t have any mask at home, then you can use the scarf as well.

How to use the scarf as the face-covering accessory?

If you think that whether it is safe to use the scarf as the face-covering accessory during this Pandemic, then we can assure that yes, it is absolutely necessary. The size of Coronavirus is bigger than many other viruses and the cotton fabric can keep them away from your mouth. So, if you are using any scarf that is made of natural fabric, you are safe from the deadly virus.

While wearing the Cashmere Scarf, always make sure that you have to cover your nose and mouth. It will also help you to breathe you comfortably. Always use a clean scarf that you can tie securely around your face and it will tuck away the loose end as well. In case, you cannot tie the scarf securely and it keeps moving from the place quite frequently.

You have to keep in mind that, you need to wash the face-covering scarf after every use. You can use your normal detergent to wash it as you don’t need any special sanitized detergent for the purpose of your other clothes. Along with that, always wash or sanitize your hands before wearing the masks.

Why you should use the scarf instead of masks?

Though we are always scared of the virus and want to take the maximum protection against them, in reality, the front liners are in the most vulnerable position. They are in need of the N95 or surgical masks. They work in hospitals and health care units where the density of the virus is much more than the normal place. For their safety, it is important to have the best protection for them.

On the other hand, the scarf or even bandanas that are made from natural fabrics are more comfortable. You can breathe easily while wearing this. While running, jogging, exercising, or cycling, it is advisable to wear cotton and breathable masks or scarves.

Initially, it was suggested that only the sick people have to cover their faces, now it has become mandatory covering the face for everyone. So, you don’t need to worry if your local store does not have the supply of masks, you can easily use the scarf to keep yourself protected from the deadly Coronavirus.

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