9 Smart Technologies To Incorporate In Your New Build

smart technologies

Is your existing home smart? Are you planning to include smart technologies in the upcoming build? Artificial intelligence, advanced technologies, communication aids, and automation lets you take full charge of your custom home. Smart technology may not be limited to luxurious living spaces only.

You need to discuss with home builders to consider the inclusion of such technologies in your new house. Whether you are planning to step up the security of your house or need to automate the household, you need to harness smart technology to add an edge to your living space.

Top 9 Smart Technologies For Incorporating In Your New Build

Here are the technologies that new home builders consider smart:

1. Go Touchless

Touchless technology has been growing in popularity for a long but the trend has picked pace since the global pandemic. Quite naturally, people living together in the same house experienced the surge of this technology. But how exactly would you be able to access the power of touchless? From the garbage bin to all other equipment, you can apply motion sensors to detect movement easily.

2. Smart Lighting Fixtures

One of the perfect add-ons for your smart home is modern lighting fixtures that are not only high on style but come with incredible functionalities. With additional features like voice command, you can light up any room without physically looking for switches.

But one of the reasons to change the lighting fixtures of your newly-built house is that modern lights are more energy-efficient. The smart technologies lights are equally good when it comes to lending a visual appeal to your house. Discuss with luxury home builders to know how to make your house more energy efficient and truly smart.

3. Consolidation of Appliances

The smart home systems in today’s custom homes consolidate the appliances and bring them together with a single touchscreen. Naturally, homeowners need to operate the touchscreen to access all those appliances like television screens, video, lights, audio, and cameras to name a few. How convenient would it be for homeowners to just tap their fingers on the touchscreen to pick and run the appliances?

There is no denying that homebuyers personalise their custom-made houses with the smartest technologies for greater accessibility. If you want to add smart features, discuss your choices with Dilworth Homes. For over the last 30 years, Dilworth Homes have been setting trends with ultra-luxury houses. Now they build custom homes with smart technologies as their primary focus.

4. Thermostats

Thermostat functioning could never be easier with the inclusion of smart technologies. The smart thermostats have become very popular, primarily due to customisation features. Once you transform into a smart thermostat, you can adjust the home’s temperature effortlessly. For instance, you might want to keep your house cooler during the day and warmer at night.

5. Added layers of Security

One of the things you cannot compromise when designing your custom home is making it secure with modern appliances. There is no denying that home builders are also trying to keep pace with increasing demands to add smart locks and video doorbells.

With smarter home designs today, you will be able to control the security of your house remotely. So, locking and unlocking of doors and windows can be handled with ease. Imagine letting your loved ones in while you are in another place and managing their security with ease.

6. Making Your House Energy-efficient

No home is smart enough without being energy efficient. If you are already exploring tower ranch homes for sale, you might want to add customisation features that align with sustainable living. Only energy-rated appliances can be trusted to make your home smart like the television, air conditioning units, and thermostats, and mitigate heating and cooling bills.

7. Health Technology

Among the latest trends to make your home smart is the inclusion of health technology. Hence, smart air conditioners and air purifiers have become a priority for home buyers to make sure that indoor air quality remains at an all-time high.

8. Smart Bathrooms

A majority of homeowners focus on smart technologies for living rooms but seldom for bathrooms. Including smart water-saving features are the key aspect of making the bathroom smarter. Custom-designed faucets and showerheads are some features that turn your house into a smart haven.

9. Smart Kitchen Technology

If you want to update the kitchen and make it smarter, try to control the appliances from your phone. Today, you have smart kitchen tools that can be connected to the internet. So, even if you visit the grocery store around the corner when it’s still cooking, just remember to switch the cookware tab off your phone and you are good to go.

Final Words

Are you ready to move into the future to make your home smart? You have numerous smart technologies to include when making your house smarter. It would be good if you just discuss with your home builder to bring technology and the future to your newly built house.

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Building a new house is neither too expensive nor too stressful when you focus on Kelowna new home builders. If you are trying to invest in a house that truly reflects your lifestyle, look no further than Dilworth Homes, the name that shines bright among the custom home builders in Kelowna BC. They have been one of the key players for new housing developments in Kelowna over the past 30 years.


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