6 easy to care houseplants that you would love to have around

We all know the importance of plants both for nature and human beings. so if you are a plant lover or if you have recently got a green thumb. you must be excited about knowing about plants. so that you can add more plants to your garden. Plants have uncountable numbers of benefits and we must be thankful to them as they help us in our survival. The sale of plants has witnessed a major increase owing to the pandemic. This is because most of the people are in their house themselves and they have got a break from their busy routine. Since many of the people are working from home or are not working at all, even the students who were away from their home are now in their hometown. So people have developed friendships with the gifts of nature. Web portals have provided the options to buy plants online which has proven to be a boon for the people who have restrictions imposed upon their movement. Here is the list of some plants that you would love to have around you. You may get them delivered at your house.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig


These are one of those plants that can be bought in your house. Also it will add lots of beauty to the decor because it can grow taller as well and it does not demand a lot of water. The key to having a strong and healthy fiddle leaf fig in your house is ensuring good sunlight and watering the plant once a week. just a little care and you would be good to go.

Kentia palm

Kentia palm

If you want to have a low maintenance plant in your house you must choose the kentia palm. It will add a touch of magnificence to your decor. You can place them in the corners of your house that receive less light and yet these plants will continue to grow. Therefore, they are really very easy to grow because you need not worry about their growth.

Golden pothos

Golden pothos

How can one ever forget the trailing vines of golden pothos when talking about house plants. Another name for the golden pothos is the popular money plant that can be found in every household. You can buy money plants online and place them on your balcony or in your garden. remember to give them support along with a stick or a thread because these are climbers that spread rapidly.

Snake plant

Snake Plant

Even today snake plants continue to be as popular as they were back in the sixties. This is because they are not just pretty, They are also very adjusting in nature. If you have a corporate routine or if you are someone who loves to go out for long vacations. you can get snake plants in your house because they can grow despite being neglected by the owner.

Mini Monstera

Mini Monstera represents beauty accumulated in a small plant whose leaves have a different texture and shape. They have left or which make them absolutely unique in their appearance. The leaves of the plants make them loaded with striking beauty. If you are thinking of having a beautiful Mini Monster inside your house. You may place it in direct sunlight lest the leaves might get burnt.

Spider plant

spider plant


Whether a plant expert or a beginner. Everyone would recommend you to get a spider plant in your house owing to the benefits that it has. These plants are believed to have amazing air purifying capability. Therefore, you must get them in your house. Also, they do not require direct sunlight. So you need not worry about placing it near the window or at some corner of your house where it may receive ample sunlight; you can keep it in a dim-lit area as well.

These were some of the plants that are easy to grow and easy to take care of. You can bring them to your home and start growing them. Apart from this, you can also buy artificial plants online in order to add more beauty to the decor of your house. The advantage of getting artificial plants is that you need not worry about the sunlight and water requirements for them.

 So go ahead and get your plans right now!

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