8 Tips for Straightening out your Life after a DUI Conviction

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Guilt, regrets, and fears maybe some of the emotions that one might experience after realizing the offense he or she has committed. Being charged with a DUI crime can have psychological effects and social ramifications for the accused, especially first-time offenders, says a DUI attorney Marietta classifies DUI as a misdemeanor, however, the accused may also be charged with it as a felony under some circumstances. Different states have different laws regarding DUI as an offense and its severity.

No individual would consciously get into a vehicle knowing that he or she is incapable of driving it at that moment. Even if they did, they can bring serious trouble to themselves and the public. If you’ve been convicted of DUI, here are some of the ways which could prove of help when trying to reestablish your social and corporate status.

  • Hiring a specialized attorney

After being charged with DUI, this should be your first step. You would want to look for an attorney who specializes in the domain of DUI charges. The laws regarding DUI are confusing and inconsistent as you move from one state to another. Most importantly, an attorney will help you be on time for your court hearings. Especially in a place like Cobb County,  DUI lawyers would inform you of what is expected of you in court. Not abiding by their advice can land you in further unexpected trouble.

  • Forgiveness & Acceptance

Even if you were convicted of an offense you don’t have to drag its burden for the better part of your life.  You would have to accept the truth about your conviction but not let it get the better of you. Take your conviction as one of the many lessons that life teaches. As for your guilt and remorse, it is always good to ask for forgiveness and bear the consequences of your mistakes.

  • Friends and Family

You might be under the impression that your friends and family are disappointed in you. You may even think that they disrespect you and this may even be true to an extent. However, they are your family and will always be the ones standing up and looking out for you. Talk to them, let them know how you feel, know what they feel, and you will surely find all the support that you need. Meet your friends, talk to them. Both your friends and family will help you gradually blend in with society once again.

  • Taking up Hobbies

Taking up a new hobby, reviving an old one, or learning a new skill can all contribute to mental peace and at the same time improves your mental health. Learning a new skill will help you pass your time more productively and also improve your employee-worthy skills before being legally allowed to indulge in societal matters. It could be anything from dance to literature or mastering an instrument or even sewing! A skilled individual is always valued in society and you are no exception.

  • Reaching out to Support Groups

Understandably, a social stigma revolves around support groups and people belonging to them. A single case of DUI may not feel like you have an alcoholism issue, it does indicate that you may not be able to handle your booze that well. This may be a sign of future drinking problems too. So, instead of being apprehensive about support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, look them up online and get yourself enrolled. It is only another step to getting your life back on track.

  • Consider Rehab

Rehab is a huge decision for an individual. It is a highly personal decision but that should not be an excuse to avoid rehab if you need it. You may not notice it, but the people around you do. Talk to your friends and family, understand the extent of your addiction, and go for rehab if needed. It may appear very drastic, but you will quit your addiction for good and only become a better human being in the process.

  • Therapy or Professional Help

Conviction and jail term are events that can leave lasting impressions on an individual which is usually not good for real-world matters. Consequently, the individual is at a greater risk of worsening his or her alcohol addiction. In such cases, it is advised to seek professional help and ease mental and emotional pain. A therapist may also help in motivating the individual towards leading a better life or even convince them to join a rehab program to relieve them of their addiction.

  • Reconsidering your friend circle

This is a harsh one but you need to take a closer look at what kind of people your friends are. Do you drink often with them and behave in an immature manner? Are your friends solely your drinking buddies? Is it common for you to get drunk with these people? If most of your answers are”yes”, then it’s time you take a break from your group. Alcohol is a social addiction and there is a very high chance that this group of yours brought your DUI case upon you.

Above all, do not stress too much. Things will get better and you will get another chance to apply for jobs and stand back on your feet.

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Written by Sanjiv Singh


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