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Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage

Dior is the first producer of Dior Sauvage before the Dior Sauvage went into the market. According to Dior, its Sauvage product is an expressive one that was inspired by big landscapes. Created by Francois Demachy, Francois has created other popular fragrances for Dior. Dior’s Sauvage is made to be a timeless fragrance that can withstand the test of time. It is a scent that resonates deep within those that want to feel wild. Ever since the first Sauvage was released, it has enjoyed huge patronage in the market. However, its expensive price was a turnoff for normal consumers who wanted an affordable dupe version. This gave birth to Dossier’s version of the original Dior Sauvage. Sauvage from Dior is targeted toward male consumers just like the original.

Is Dossier Sauvage The Same as Dior Sauvage?

Even though both smell similar with a slight difference, Dossier’s Sauvage and Dior Sauvage are produced by different companies with different costs. Dior’s version is for those that don’t mind splurging on expensive perfumes without batting an eye. They want to feel the luxuriousness of Francois’ Dior Sauvage products. Dior Sauvage is a product of Dior. While Dossier Sauvage is created by Dossier for those who desire to own luxurious perfumes at a cheaper price. Both brands of fragrances are made for virtually any event. Both can be worn no matter the weather condition. The two brands took their time to make these scents because both products are of excellent quality.

About the First Dior Sauvage Perfume

In 2015, Francois released the product to the market for consumers to buy. The first product is the epitome of sophistication, male ruggedness, and wildness. Francois’ fragrance is an aristocratic, yet earthy one that refreshes the senses. Francois used natural ingredients to bring out the spicy, woody, and wild scents. After Sauvage was revealed, many people bought it as gifts for men. The woody, musky scent makes it ideal as a gift for men. Moreover, the perfume is suitable for any formal or informal event. Sauvage has a vast usage which has endeared it to the consumers in those days. Francois named the perfume Sauvage, to let people remember landscapes that are untamed and wild. This is a perfect name for those that love to explore and like adventures.

Francois Dior Sauvage Perfume

This fragrance is an all-season scent. That is, you can spray it in hot, cold, humid, dry, or autumn seasons. The spicy and flowery aromas are blended smoothly to make the perfume an all-season one. For starters, Sauvage has pepper (pink), lemon with other citruses, and bergamot which accounts for the spicy and citrusy aromas. This is followed by fresh and warm spices, lavenders, woody, herbs, musk, and woody products. There are other ingredients that are too numerous to mention. The ingredients listed are normally put together to manufacture scents that are solely for men. Hence, it’s a unisex product that emits a masculine odor and draws people close. Men who have gone on dates choose Sauvage to attract attention to themselves, and most importantly, to smell nice. Even if you’re getting ready for the office, you can spray it on yourself because the scent isn’t too strong. Nevertheless, you should know that the fragrance spreads to the air around you which makes people notice you.

About Dossier Sauvage

Dossier as always has managed to excel amongst its counterparts in scent production. Its brand of Sauvage did not disappoint, which is expected of the dossier as a brand synonymous with high-quality beauty products. That is, when people see a Dossier product, they automatically know it is of excellent quality. Dossier’s version is a product of reverence that is exactly, if not better than Dior’s Sauvage. The Dossier’s version is known as ‘Aromatic Star Anise’. Even though it is not made by Francois of Dior, Star Anise gives the wearer an elegant smell. Many have showered praises and gratitude for the chance to own an affordable luxurious scent. Like the first product, you may spray Dossier’s version whenever you like and in any weather condition. Similarly, like Francois’ version, you may wear a Sauvage Dior for formal and informal occasions. So, if you want to go to a party, wear your party clothes, spray Sauvage, and get your groove on.

The scent of Dossier Sauvage Perfume

Dossier’s Anise ingredients differ a bit from Dior’s Sauvage ingredients. The reason is that musk is absent from the ingredients and the company subtly combined these ingredients. Additionally, it is spicier than Francois’ Dior Sauvage. Nevertheless, in many consumers’ opinion, this made Dossier’s version much nicer than Dior Sauvage. Apart from staying on for hours, it is quite affordable for people, so they don’t feel guilty about buying it.

In addition, Dossier’s Anise smells like Dior Sauvage perfume, a feature other brands are yet to master. It might be due to the complex process of manufacturing the perfume, so many brands are yet to perfect it. However, Dossier outdid itself once again and created a satisfactory product.

When you first open the perfume, the aroma of spice and lavenders, then a herbal fragrance waft towards your nose. The aromatic smell is from the addition of a rare herb. Then you will smell a subtle patchouli and amber (woody) aroma afterward. Unlike Dior Sauvage, the absence of musk reduces Anise’s longevity, but it can still last for hours.

Which One is Better Between Dossier and Dior Sauvages?

The answer to this question depends on the customer’s needs and financial capability. As stated earlier, you will first smell the scent of spices when you first opened Dossier Sauvage. On the contrary, Dior Sauvage underwent a more intricate formulation. The Dior’s version has a musky undertone because Francois added musk to the product. Also, the perfume slowly sinks into your skin.

In addition, Dossier Sauvage is cheaper than Dior Sauvage. Furthermore, layering is possible with Dossier Sauvage. While you can’t layer Dior Sauvage because Dior Sauvage is a complex scent. If you layer Dior Sauvage with another scent, it will be too overpowering due to the strong scents. In fact, people might end up covering their noses when you pass by instead of admiring you. Or they might avoid you when you move close to them. This is something everybody wants to avoid, so only layer Dossier Sauvage instead of Sauvage Dior.

Star Anise’s Sillage and Longevity

When it comes to sillage, Dossier’s Anise has different types of sillage, from strong to normal to mild. Its sillage is quite strong when you first spray it. However, when the scent is absorbed into your body, the sillage reduces. Furthermore, Dossier Sauvage lingers long just like other Dossier products. It also has an excellent sillage too. Many have exaggeratedly said that it seems the smell will forever stay in their bodies. Some even said that after washing the clothes they sprayed Sauvage on, its fragrance remains on the garments. While others confirmed that Star Anise lingered on their fabrics for some days.

To increase the potency of Dossier’s Anise, dab the perfume on any pulse point of your choice. This ensures that the scent will be on your body for more than 24 hours.

Why Dossier Sauvage

Dossier’s Sauvage Anise is good for important gatherings and informal gatherings. It is made especially for those that want to smell nice within their budget range. When you have used this product, people can spot you easily in the crowd by this unique scent. It doesn’t vanish as quickly as other scents, so lots of people try to purchase one. Moreover, this is the right fragrance for those that have a sensitive nose. The reason for stating this is that it isn’t as potent as Dior Sauvage.

When to Spray Dossier Sauvage

Just like the Sauvage Dior, you can spray Dossier Sauvage whenever and wherever you wish, depending on what you want. Unlike other Dossier scents, Anise has no specific time for wearing, just spray it when you feel like it. It is also okay to wear it to the market or run some errands, you can spray it on. But ensure you let it properly settle on your body before you do so. Furthermore, you can use this perfume during festive and holiday periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you spray it when you have a suit on? Yes, it is okay to dab on Star Anise when you are in a suit unless the fabric says otherwise. It is also ideal for when you have a lunch or dinner date with people. However, because the perfume has a strong masculine scent, apply the perfume gently and gradually to your body or clothes. Otherwise, you might overpower your nose’s sense of smell. If this happens, you would find it difficult to smell other odors that day. So be careful of how you spray it.
  • Is it good to use this perfume when it is cold or hot? If you want, it is okay to use the perfume even on extremely hot or cold days. There are two reasons for this. It’s refreshing, which is good when it is hot, and it’s spicy, which is okay for when it’s cold.

Dossier Anise’s Layering

Dossier’s Anise longevity isn’t as good as Dior Sauvage. Hence, you may choose to spray it again after your first application. Another way is to layer Dossier’s Anise with another different fragrance to increase its longevity. Layering is another advantage of choosing Dossier apart from the cheaper price. Your taste will determine your layering technique, so find one that works best for you. Just remember that Star Anise goes well when combined with other scents. You may even stick to your layered scents if satisfied with the outcome. 

Dossier Sauvage Ingredients

The product contains floral, spicy, aromatic, woody, nutmeg ingredients, and so on. The components of Anise are not much different from Dior Sauvage components except for the lack of musk. Additionally, Dossier added some new ingredients as a way of adding its touch to the product. These ingredients give Dossier Sauvage an aromatic smell. Note that Dior Sauvage was not made to be as aromatic as Dossier. Therefore, the differences that exist between the two products don’t mean much as the two are similar. Furthermore, the middle base ingredients balanced the lack of musk in Dossier’s Sauvage. Similarly, the finish base ingredients excellently worked as finishing scents. Overall, all the bases of Dossier’s Anise singled it out as a high-quality product equal to Dior.

Where to Purchase Dossier Sauvage

The dossier has a lot of retailers that stock their products on their shelves. Some of the retailers operate either an online or offline shop, while others operate both. To personally check and select Dossier Anise Sauvage, you can walk into a retail outlet and ask for Dossier Sauvage. However, to save time and energy, you may choose to shop for Dossier Sauvage online. Additionally, Dossier has physical and online stores for customers to buy products. Most customers prefer to shop online because it’s easier and faster that way. They don’t need to walk from one shop to another which can be exhausting. What’s more, their products get delivered to on their doorsteps.


For a recreated perfume, Dossier has tried its best to live up to the original’s reputation. It is well-received by thousands of consumers all over the world due to its affordability and quality. You don’t need to break your bank to own a luxurious perfume, so purchase a Dossier perfume today.

Do not be put off by the lack of musk in the dior Sauvage perfume, but cherish its soothing aroma. Even though the absence of musk has lessened its longevity. Yet it is for this reason that consumers are able to combine it with other products. Furthermore, the lack of harmful chemicals in all Dossier products has endeared it to many consumers. This is why Dossier has thousands of customers all over the world.

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