Maintain your Pool Properly to Increase your Property Value

Maintain your Pool

People decide to install a pool on their properties due to many reasons. One of them is to cool themselves down during summer or on hot days. Some have pools to entertain visitors or spend time with their families. While others use their pools to celebrate events like birthdays, get-togethers, and so on. Greencare Pool Builder, a pool installation company located in the U.S., has many pool maintenance tips to give. This company has been in existence for the past 20 years, so their tips would be useful to homeowners. They design and install pools, and also conduct maintenance.

Why you Should Maintain your Pool

Some people feel that it is a chore to keep their pool free of impurities and maintain it. But remember, it is also another form of investment and will increase your house value when it’s time to re-sell. However, if you don’t maintain it, is it possible to convince a buyer to buy a house with a dirty or unmaintained pool? Moreover, maintaining your pool prolongs its lifespan and usage. Proper and timely maintenance is also cost efficient due to minimal damage from good use. 

Other Advantages

A properly kept pool is safe and clean to swim in. The reason is that an unclean/unmaintained pool harbors viruses and bacteria and can infect those who swim in it. Additionally, some pool fixtures of a neglected pool might have come loose and may harm those swimming in the pool. For this reason, Greencare Pool Builder gives ways to maintain your pool.

How to Clean and Maintain your Pool

Clean and Maintain your Pool

Maintaining the Pool’s Water Level

Only a few people ever maintain their pool’s water level. They mostly overlook this in favor of other maintenance. Most homeowners don’t even care if the water level in their pool falls or rises so much. If this happens, the water’s chemical balance will be disturbed, thereby, making the pool unsafe. Therefore, maintaining your pool’s water level will make it easy for water filters and skimmers to clean the pool.

Remove Debris and Dirt from your Pool by Vacuuming it

According to Greencare Pool Builder, this is one of the most important pool cleaning tips. Whenever the company installs a Greencare pool for clients, they tell them to vacuum the pool often. Find time to clean your pool in and out as often as you want, like once a week. It is a sanitary way of ensuring it is free of debris and dirt and stops you from being infected with diseases. It is like when you clean your house to keep it neat. To make it easy to clean your pool, use hardwood vacuums, pool vacuums, and indoor carpets.

Extra Cleaning Tips

After you finish vacuuming your pool, Greencare Pool Builder suggests you clean the pool’s floors, steps, and walls. This will remove any debris and dirt that are in these areas. Then go ahead to skim the pool floor and the surface of the water to remove fallen objects like sticks.

Check the Chlorine

Your chlorine shouldn’t have more than 3 ppm of chlorine, according to Greencare Pool Builder. If you will be away for a while, you can put some additional tablets in the pool. You can also do it after you’ve had a gathering at the pool. To know if the chlorine level is high, your eyes will itch you. Additionally, you will perceive a strong odor when you’re close to the pool. But if you are still not sure, you can test it to know.

Why do People Use Chlorine

Unlike what people think, Chlorine doesn’t work immediately in eliminating germs. Still, you will need chlorine even if you use other chemicals. This is also true if you have a saltwater pool. Chlorine has been known as a good cleaning agent. Besides, it doesn’t erode the plumbings nor change the color of the pool surface.

Keep the Pool Filter Clean

A clean filter solves almost half of your pool’s problems. This includes your pool’s chemical balance and its ability to filter and circulate water. The number of times you use the pool determines the number of times you clean the filters. Your filter will give you some signs to let you know it is time to clean it. For example, the drain might clog, the hose cleaner might not work properly, or the pool might smell different.

Other Things you Need to Look Out for

  • Some pools have cartridge filters of various sizes. If your pool has one, try to wipe it every month or every four months, depending on its size.
  • For those whose pools have DE filters, they need to disassemble them and wipe them clean every 90 days. You should also backwash it every month as a way of cleaning the filter. A backwash means using a filter to reverse the water flow. A backwash is important because it detaches any stubborn debris attached to the filter by flushing it out.
  • For those with sand filters, change the sand every three years. You can also change the sand once you notice the quality of the water has dropped. Another thing is to backwash the filter once a month to remove impurities.


Lastly, it is good to consult expert opinions like Greencare Pool Builder to get professional recommendations. You should endeavor to follow the instructions they give you and ask them to check your pool every two weeks.

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Written by Greencare Pool Builder

Greencare Pool Builder specializes in designing and installing custom pools and spas, as well as providing pool landscaping services and other related services.


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