Larimar – The Natural Gemstone With Healing Qualities


Larimar, which is also known as Steens Mountain Blue Opal, is a rare blue variety of pectolite found in the Dominican Republic. This blue pectolite is formed by magma pushing upward and cooling very slowly at a depth of around 50 km. Larimar has an opaque, milky crystal structure and a hardness level of 3 – 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Like many of you, I was lamenting the fact that my stomach continued to stick out like an apple even if I ate salad for lunch and exercised for three hours a day. The television commercial for the weight loss program turned out to be a false advertisement so I did not see any other way out. Then my friend who had used it recommended the product to me.

Luxury Properties Of Larimar Gemstone

Larimar gemstone is a rare gemstone that is found in the Dominican Republic near the Caribbean Sea. It has been known to be one of the most beautiful gemstones and can be used for jewelry-making purposes. The name Larimar comes from the Spanish word for ‘sea’ which refers to its blue color.

Larimar gemstone has many unique properties that make it different from other gems. Some of these properties include:

1) It’s very hard – Larimar gemstone has a hardness level of 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s not easy to scratch or damage. This makes it perfect for use in jewelry making as well as other applications such as decorative pieces, sculptures, etc.

2) It’s resistant to heat – This particular property makes Larimar gemstone one of the most durable types of gems available today. It doesn’t melt when exposed to extreme heat or even fire!

3) It’s extremely colorful – Larimar gemstone is known for its amazing color variations which come in shades ranging from blue to green with some having shades that resemble turquoise (which is another type of opaque blue-green stone).

If you’re looking at buying a piece of Larimar jewelry, here are some tips to help you make sure that your purchase is genuine:

Look at the cut. It should have a rounded square or rectangular shape with no facets or other markings on it. It should also be free from inclusions and visible fractures, which are common with other types of stones like jade or turquoise.

Check for flaws in coloration. One of the most important factors when shopping for any type of gemstone is color quality — especially when shopping online where you may not have an opportunity to examine the gem before purchasing it. If there are any cracks or blemishes in the coloration


Larimar is one of the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones on Earth. It has been known to help people with their self-esteem, creativity, balance, and peace of mind. The stone also helps you to release negative emotions such as fear, stress, anger, and frustration. Those who have a difficult time expressing themselves can benefit from having this gemstone around.

Some people believe that it heals emotional wounds, promotes self-expression, and helps people overcome shyness. It’s also thought to help balance out hormonal imbalances during menopause or childbirth and promote healing after surgery (especially plastic surgery).

Larimar jewelry is also considered a good luck stone that brings abundance and prosperity. It’s believed that Larimar can help you manifest your dreams into reality and make your intentions come true.

Larimar is known to promote peace, calmness, happiness, and serenity. It also helps to bring joy into relationships helping them feel more loving and supportive towards each other. It promotes clarity in thinking helping you resolve problems more easily whether they are personal or professional issues that need fixing.

When you wear Larimar you are protected from psychic attacks because it creates a protective shield around your aura so nothing can penetrate it from outside sources such as negative energy from others or negative emotions like fear and anger which can drain your energy level quickly if you allow it to happen consistently over time.

The History of Larimar

The name comes from the Spanish word “larimar,” meaning “blue sky.” Larimar, a rare blue-green gemstone, is named after the Caribbean island of Larimar where it was first discovered. It is found in only one place on earth, a remote area in the Dominican Republic.

There are two types of Larimar, both of which are considered to be rare and valuable stones. The first type is a volcanic material that is mined from an underwater quarry in the Caribbean Sea. The second type is a metamorphic rock that is mined from a surface deposit on the land.

It is mined in the nearby ocean and is found in underwater caves. It can also be found in other places around the world, like Mexico and Russia, but it’s always been rare.

Its color varies from light blue to dark blue to greenish-blue or even white with hints of blue or green. The most prized color is a deep blue with white spots on top, which makes it look like an opal from the inside out.

The most common colors include:

Turquoise Blue – This is usually the most expensive variety because it’s easy to find in large quantities and it has an amazing color saturation. It’s also known as Caribbean Blue Larimar due to its popularity in Caribbean jewelry design over recent years.

Greenish Blue – This type of Larimar is rarer than any other type of Larimar and usually sells for more than any other type as well (depending on size).

Today, larimar is becoming more popular as a gemstone for jewelry. Many people believe that larimar can help them resolve relationship problems, attract love and bring peace into their lives.

Are Real Larimar Gemstones?

Larimar is a rare blue variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. It is becoming increasingly popular as a gemstone. It is a combination of the Spanish word for ‘sea’ and ’emerald’, the name given to it by its discoverer, geologist Manuel Garcia-Pelaez.

Larimar’s color ranges from light blue to deep blue with occasional white streaks and veins. The most valuable stone is one that has an even color throughout with no streaks or veins. The best quality larimar also has a bright luster and good crystal structure.

If you’re looking for a genuine larimar gemstone, here are some tips to help you identify it:

Look for vivid blue coloration that does not have any white streaks or veins running through it.

Check for good crystal structure, which means that there should be no imperfections or crystals that are missing from the stone’s surface area (this will make your stone more expensive).

Check for bright luster – if your larimar doesn’t sparkle when you move it under light sources, then it isn’t genuine larimar!

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