Manscaping And Grooming – How It Makes You A Better Man


Women all around the world want their men to be well-groomed. Some women prefer them to go all the way and remove every bit of hair from their bodies. Others would want them to keep themselves neatly trimmed and manage hair growth more intelligently. It is also going to boil down to your preferences in the end. Also, it depends on how comfortable you are with underarm waxing and chest hair removal or just shaving your legs in general. The best approach is to do away with your inhibitions first. Remember, you are doing it not only to impress the lady love in your life but also to maintain a certain standard of hygiene, aesthetic, and comfort.

Let’s Do Away With The Question Of Being Considered “Effeminate”

Men also often consider this entire routine to be a lot more “feminine” than masculine. Maybe they haven’t come across somebody who struggles with extensive hair growth on his body. Just look around and you will notice plenty of men having hair on their shoulders and back. The majority of them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to even sport a vest at the beach. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge about manscaping and also the fact that a lot of them consider it something that is only done by women. This belief needs to go. This taboo needs to be discarded.

Both men and women have their preferences when it comes to maintaining body hair. Women usually prefer to get rid of it completely because it just works for them. It makes them look almost angelic and every guy would agree with that. When a man decides to maintain his hair growth, he comes across as sophisticated, considerate, and highly sensible. Let’s give you a few strong reasons to choose chest hair removal, underarm waxing, and overall trimming and maintenance of your hair regularly.

  • Feel More Comfortable Today

There are a lot of areas on your body that have considerably thicker and harder hair growth. It could be your arms, shoulders, back, legs, even lower back, and your pubic region. This is where it becomes all about your comfort. Even just a little bit of trimming can help you out with your “hairy distress”. Waxing certain areas of your body such as shoulders and back is still easier. The rest can be neatly trimmed and shaved for the desired level of comfort.

  • Hygiene Should Always Be Your Priority

Now if we talk about hygiene, a woman is going to be very particular about how her man takes care of his body. There are sweat glands present everywhere. An excessive amount of hair or undamaged hair growth is always going to make things worse for you. Men who do not take care of their hair growth suffer from unwanted moisture, unpleasant odors, and skin diseases quite often. Just washing your hairy body parts with soap and water is not enough. Limiting hair growth becomes absolutely necessary, especially in summer. It keeps you feeling good and smelling great.

  • Aesthetics Mean A Lot

Let’s just say that you have put on a few extra pounds of good muscle over the past few weeks. You will not be able to flaunt your body if you choose to remain the stereotypical hairy guy. You can still maintain your macho man image if you decide to trim or shave or wax your hair where it is needed. Even the women at the beach where you want to showcase your chiseled physique prefer men to be well groomed, neatly trimmed, and manscaped. Some people say that complete hair removal or chest or underarm waxing is not for them. This is because they haven’t tried it out yet and they don’t know just how appealing they come across to everyone around. It doesn’t just make you look good but also fills you with a certain confidence that you may have never experienced before.

Accessories And Supplies For Sophisticated Appearance

  • Your Dependable Scissors

At times there are a few hair strands that even your razor or trimmer cannot get. That is where a pair of sharp pointed scissors can help you out. And yes, you can also trim your nasal hair with this scissor.

  • Trustee Trimmer

A trimmer goes a long way. It is because it comes with several attachments that can be used on various parts of your body including your head and your nether regions. Also, using it without the clip gives you a very neat look without having to go through the mess of lathering and shaving your beard all off.

  • Hair Removal Wax

There are numerous choices of organic hair removal wax that can be used for waxing armpits, removing hair from your legs, and making your back and shoulders smooth in the shortest possible time. The results are not only instantaneous but long-lasting as well.

In the end, remember to moisturize your skin after you treat it to all these hair removal products. You’re the man and you’ll become even a better version of it after putting in so much effort in yourself.


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Written by Hezel Sam

Hezel Sam (MBA, PMP) is an American Australian Indian technology leader currently based in California.


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