Gym Flooring – What to Consider When Choosing Your Gym Flooring

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A new gym floor should be more than a barrier to exercise. Your gym floor is a work area for your members, and it should provide a comfortable, safe environment. Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing a gym floor.

The first consideration when selecting a gym flooring material is the material’s ability to resist wear and tear. The type of sport you’re playing will affect the strength of your floor, so look for the most durable gym flooring materials available. PVC is a good choice for gyms with heavy traffic, while wood flooring can withstand abuse for several years.

The second thing to consider is the width of the gym floor. The width must be wide enough to accommodate all users in the shortest amount of time. For example, the width of a typical basketball court or tennis court needs to be at least four feet wide to accommodate the maximum number of players, if not a yard wide.

The third consideration in gym flooring is the material’s ability to repel stains. Look for a gym floor that is stain resistant, especially in the event of a spill or accident. Some paints can damage the surface, so look for a non-stick surface that doesn’t allow stains to adhere to the surface.

Durability is also a factor when selecting a gym floor. The floor must be able to hold up against the impact of hardwood and synthetic surfaces without damage. Soft, unglazed wood is recommended for any gym floor, but synthetic floors are preferable because they are easier to clean and sanitize.

There are also softer, non-stick surfaces available in most gyms, such as vinyl mats or plastic. However, these surfaces are not suited for basketball courts, athletic fields, or outdoor usage. If the floor is used for these purposes, the gym should have a permanent floor covering, which is designed to resist wear and tear.

When looking for gym flooring, try to focus on two areas: aesthetics and durability. In this case, aesthetics aren’t as important as their durability. New gym floors need to be attractive enough to attract customers, yet durable enough to stand up to the regular wear and tear of many users. High quality flooring can be expensive, but there are ways to make your floor affordable.

Vinyl mats can be added to old gym floors to create a new, updated look. Many companies offer a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that can make your gym floor match any decor you have in your home. Before installing gym flooring, ask about matting options.

If you plan to install synthetic floors over wooden gym floors, a rubber mat can help protect the surface from weathering. Rubber is resistant to rot, rot, and mildew, and it is easy to clean. A rubber mat can help extend the life of your gym floor by preventing the buildup of mildew and fungus.

Rubber is also an excellent insulator, which means your gym floors will stay cooler during the summer months. It can also help keep heat out of the gym, so your players won’t get overheated. Moreover, it is cheap, so you’ll find it easier to find replacements in case your rubber mat is damaged.

When selecting a product for your gym floor, choose a durable, long-lasting, material that is easy to clean and sanitize. You don’t want the gym to become infected with bacteria and germs because your gym floor is used frequently by members. Take some basic precautions before you install your flooring, such as checking for mold or moisture problems.

Lastly, ask the installation company you choose for tips on how to keep your gym floors clean and sanitized. You don’t want to have to call a professional janitor to come clean your gym floor because the chemical agents used in gym floor cleaners can cause health problems and severe burns. Choose a company that uses easy-to-use products that maintain the cleanliness of your gym flooring and wipe away stains and spills.

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