Is American Professional Basketballer, Brittney Griner, a Trans?

Brittney Griner

33-year-old Brittney Griner is a professional athlete who plays basketball in America. She is also a WNBA player that won many basketball tournaments, including the Olympic Games. In recognition of her achievements, Time magazine has named Griner in one of their most influential 2023 lists. With her height and playing ability, when some people see how tall she is, they ask if Brittney Griner is trans. This is how the Brittney Griner trans rumors began.

Educational History

Brittney started her education in Houston, Texas. It was there she got her primary and high school education. As a child, she was interested in volleyball and basketball and joined her high school team. However, she only played volleyball for a while before focusing solely on basketball. Then went on to college in Texas and also played for the college team, representing them in many matches. During her school days, numerous Brittney Griner trans rumors plagued her due to her stature.

Brittney’s Basketball Career As A High School Student

Brittney's Basketball Career

As a senior, Brittney devoted her time to basketball and played with the boys’ team. Later on, the coach for the boys’ team mentored her and taught her what she needed to know about basketball. He even taught her how to get her body in shape and how to dunk properly. While the coach was training her, her classmates videoed her and shared the video on YouTube, garnering much attention. One such video got over 6 million views, resulting in her getting noticed by the world.


When she was a senior, she captained her high school team to play a basketball championship match. Even though her school lost, history will never forget the role Brittney played in trying to make her school win. She set the record for the highest number of dunks in a high school women’s basketball game.

As a result, the mayor of her hometown dedicated an entire day to appreciating her talent and hard work. Ever since then, she has been setting a higher record in the history of female high school tournaments. In addition, Brittney was given an all-American WBCA recognition and joined an all-American high school basketball game.

Brittney’s Basketball Career As A College Student

Brittney’s performance is not limited to high school. She continued to perform exceptionally well when she entered college. Brittney joined the college basketball team and set good records, even when she was a freshman. This cemented her spot as one of the best basketball players in the history of women’s basketball.


In 2009 while in college, Brittney set the record for blocked shots, rebounds, and triple-doubles. A month later, her name was listed among other six women players to dunk during a basketball match. Her dunk game assisted her team to win against their opponent at that time. In one other basketball game, Brittney dunked twice while the game was going on, making her the second female player to do so in basketball.

Brittney Sexuality

Brittney Sexuality

Is Brittney Griner trans? No, Brittney is not trans, however, she is a lesbian and supports the LGBTQ community. One time, during an interview, the player announced to the world that she is a lesbian. In the 2013 interview, she explained how difficult it was for people around her to come to terms with her sexuality. She also revealed how she was a victim of bullying when she was very young. Brittney further said that people picked on her due to her height and stature. Consequently, Brittney’s coming out laid to rest the Brittney Griner trans rumor.

Reactions To Her Coming Out

Brittney stated that she had already told her parents that she is a lesbian. But her father didn’t take it well, and this forced her to live with one of her coaches in high school. Her peers also bullied her and made fun of her. This ignited her passion to help kids like her, especially LGBT kids, who are victims of bullying.


Brittney and Glory Johnson, another WNBA player, got engaged. The pair have been in a relationship before they announced their engagement to the world. Some months later, police arrested both Glory and Brittney on disorderly and assault charges. Neighbors called the police on them when the two fought and disturbed the peace in their Arizona home. Glory and Brittney got injured in the fight and had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Brittney and Glory’s Marriage

Brittney Marriage

In 2015, people were surprised to hear that Brittney and Glory got married despite their previous altercation. They felt that the two shouldn’t continue their relationship. Barely days after their marriage, the WNBA suspended the pair and didn’t allow them to play subsequent matches. They were suspended because Brittney confessed to misconduct. She was later told to go for mandatory counseling. A month after the incident, Brittney’s wife got pregnant.

Divorce And Remarriage

In a plot twist, Brittney tried to annul her marriage to Glory, which became an unsuccessful move. However, Glory and Brittney got divorced after the birth of Glory’s children. In 2018, Brittney announced that she and Cherelle were engaged, and the pair married in 2019.


Lastly, Brittney with Sue Hovey, authored a memoir to address the issue of self-acceptance and bullying of LGBT kids. The book was made available to readers in 2014. To know more about the life of Brittney Griner, you can read the memoir. She also addressed the issue of the Brittney Griner trans rumor in the book.

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