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Me Jean-François Goulet

Golf lovers will agree that it’s addicting and enjoyable. Golf is a global sport that is commonly played in countries in North America, Europe, America, and so on. Furthermore, people play golf for one reason or the other. For example, golfers play the sport due to its versatility, as it allows them to relate with other golfers. Additionally, golf is a relaxing and demanding game. “No matter how many rounds you play, it’s never the same”, says pro golfer Me Jean-François Goulet. Me Jean-François Goulet, a Canadian national, was born in Quebec. Goulet is a professional golfer and a PGA champion in 2017 and 2018.

Awesome Golf Facts Many People Don’t Know

If you’ve ever been to a golf course, you must have seen how beautiful and well-cared for it is. However many people get so carried away by the wonderful feeling of playing golf, they forget its history. Even some experienced golf players that have used several playing techniques to play don’t know this history. Read on to discover things you don’t know about golf.

Right-Handed Phil Mickelson

Those who are only right-handed find it difficult to use their left hand to write and do major tasks. It’s the same for those who use their left hand. Only ambidextrous people can use both hands conveniently. And when it comes to golf, it isn’t easy to use your other hand to swing. But Phil Mickelson proved this wrong. Phil is a right-handed man who swings on the course with his left hand! When he was young, Phil, who admired his father, copied his dad’s playing swing. However, his father used his left hand to swing, so Mickelson, his son, copied his swing. And till today, although he is right-handed, Phil Mickelson golf swings with his opposite hand. Me Jean-François Goulet admires Phil’s tenacity and determination for this.

Tiger Woods’s Earliest First Hole In One Debut

Tiger Woods isn’t a stranger to golf lovers and he’s quite popular in the international community. The golf prodigy was attracted to the sport when he was still a baby. When he was two, he began to learn how to play. His and his father’s hard work paid off because, at eight, he scored his first hole-in-one.

Scotland Created Golf

For those who don’t know, Scotland founded golf in the 14th century. People speculated that Scotland developed the sport in the mid-1400s, around the time football was popular in Scotland. However, it might have started earlier than that, but nobody knows the particular date. It first started as a sport played in public areas before Scotland built clubs and courses specifically for playing the game. Consequently, other countries followed suit, something that exists till now.

Scotland Banned Golf

Around 1457 and 1744, the Scottish government banned its people from playing golf three times. This might come as a surprise because not many know this. During that time, playing golf in Scotland was a rebellious act that attracted punishment. The government banned golf because the game affected military training. Golfers in those days played the game in public, like on office premises or the street. This interfered with public functions and constituted a problem. Similarly, Scotland banned another game called football around that period.

Women Started Participating In Golf Around 1811

Misogyny and sports go hand in hand, golf inclusive. It took four centuries after the establishment of golf before women started participating. The first tournament for ladies took place in Scotland, while the first club for ladies was founded in 1867. Since then, women golf players have become unstoppable in the game. Unfortunately, women still face prejudice and unfair treatment within and outside the course. Still, the treatment women players receive in the 21st century is getting better than what women experienced in those days.

Tiger Woods Became a PGA Champion Many Times

When you’re determined, dedicated, and hardworking, you’ll surely reap the fruits of your labour. Tiger Woods started enjoying the result of his hard work in adulthood. The athlete has 81 PGA trophies with 15 majors in his portfolio. Even though the golf community has produced players that have more than 81 or close to it since then. Still, Tiger’s accomplishments are awe-inspiring nonetheless. He has left his mark on the golf world. Additionally, Woods is a respected golfer in the world.

Only Pro-Golfers Score Handicaps Below 18

It is nearly impossible for non-professional golf players to achieve handicaps below 18. This isn’t surprising because several golf players play it as a hobby. Only professional players take the game seriously and practice every chance they get. Hence, it is not shocking to see professionals score 6 and 4 handicaps on the course. The score decreases once they join professional leagues. Therefore, to score lower than 18, you must take the game seriously and practice hard.


Finally, Me Jean-François Goulet hopes that the golf world would treat women better. He also hopes the golf community will give them many opportunities, just like their male counterparts. According to him, golf is a sport meant to be enjoyed. It is not to be tainted by the unfair treatment of players regardless of gender.

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Written by Me Jean-François Goulet

Me Jean-François Goulet is a Canadian professional golfer who has been playing since the age of 10. He has played on the PGA Tour and the Web com Tour, and has won three times on the PGA Tour


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