Artificial intelligence Marketing Tools that will Blow you Away

artificial intelligence marketing tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating every industry and different businesses and organizations are taking advantage of this powerful technology. Don’t be surprised that AI technology is also being used for marketing by both big and small companies. AI marketing tools are now being used to promote businesses and brands. The speed at which decisions are being made by this technology is one of the impressive features that make businesses and brands embrace it.  With AI technology, tasks that normally take hours to finish can be done automatically within a few minutes.

What Exactly Is An AI Marketing Tools?

This tool can be defined as a platform or software that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to create automated marketing strategies, operations and decisions. All of which are made based on the data that are collected, analysed and interpreted along with market trends. Without the involvement of humans, all these processes can be done in real-time.  

Certain things can be done faster now in marketing thanks to the AI marketing tools. Though many are yet to know much about AI, the use of this technology is expected to grow globally. With this technology, most of the things that are done manually can be done automatically.

AI can be harnessed in different ways. Various things which AI does are great content writing, paid ad campaigns optimization, custom logos design and lots more. A lot of people are yet to know about the power of AI because they choose to do things manually whereas they can go automated.

To be more vast in your business, company or brand there are marketing AI tools you can make use of to make marketing easier for you.

AI Marketing Tools: What Are They Good For?

Software or a platform that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions automatically is referred to as an AI marketing tool. Based on the collected data and market trends, these decisions have been made. In order to achieve this, you need to devise a marketing plan that anticipates what the customer will do next.

Real-time processing takes place without any involvement from humans. AI marketing tools for business are formidable due to their ability to make automated decisions in a matter of milliseconds.

For the sake of speed, every business should have artificial intelligence marketing tools at their disposal. Using AI technology, a large amount of data is crunched from various sources, including social media, email, and the Internet. While the data is important, it also provides actionable solutions that will help your marketing and sales campaigns succeed.

What are the Benefits of Using Al in Marketing?

Decisions are made automatically.

Automated data-based decisions are a major advantage of AI marketing technology. In marketing, data is everything. A customer’s reaction to a message or the best strategy for an email marketing campaign can be shown to you by a tool like this.

Time and money are saved by using this product.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, every company is looking to save money. In the beginning, you may have to spend money on an AI marketing tool, but it will save you money in the long run. It eliminates the need for businesses to pay employees to perform manual tasks, allowing them to work more quickly and efficiently. Instead of a full staff, you can focus on recruiting employees to perform specific tasks. It also reduces human error, thanks to AI.

Real-time personalization is created

Customers expect you to have an understanding of their needs. If you’re using AI marketing tools, they can help by allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy to each individual customer. To better understand customer behaviour and purchasing habits, artificial intelligence can use predictive analysis. Google, Netflix, and Instagram all use this method to give you recommendations on what to watch and what to post.

A company’s ability to tailor its products and services to its customers’ previous interactions with the company is an exciting prospect. In order for them to form a bond with your brand, you need to provide them with a customised experience. Instead of a generic message, customers now expect brands to deliver one that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Return on investment is increased (ROI)

Smart marketing tools like this allow marketers to maximise the information produced without wasting time and money on other marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also help you gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs. It also organises and directs warm leads, resulting in a sale and a higher ROI for your company.

The Top AI Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now


This reduces long hours spent on competitive analysis, content research and SEO. It helps you to read through your content for primary keywords. It does not only point out relevant keywords but it also gives ideas with tips and recommendations for improvement. For these reasons, it improves search rankings and drives organic traffic. 

To make use of Marketmuse, all you need to do is to provide it with a topic, it will provide you with outlines with headings and sections. With this help, it helps reduce research and saves time.


This platform isba rewriting and editing tools. It helps you professionally rewrite your text. Instatext features include styling, grammatical error corrections, word choice etc. This improves your content writing and presents you as a professional writer.


This platform helps with an automated Facebook messages. You don’t need to be always on deck to reply to your Facebook messages. You don’t even need to go on coding training too, it helps you answer your chats by automating FAQs 24/7. It also helps you to convert warm leads to living leads. This has been a saving grace for lots of companies to increase leads and answer customers’ queries.


Grammarly - Bloghalt

Grammarly helps you to proofread tour contents. You can easily plug your other socials with Grammarly like tour browser, emails, blog posts etc. This platform does not only edit, it also gives you information on the clarity, delivery and how engaging your content is. This helps to improve your skills as a content writer.


It’s a tool used for creating a logo. You don’t need a graphic designer to create a logo for your business. It automatically creates a logo when the preference laid down by the tool is followed. It does not only create one, it creates various variations that you can choose from. Once you have chosen your most preferable one, you can go ahead to purchase it.


This is a wonderful tool used to remove backgrounds from your videos. We are not talking about background images, this is all about videos background. No matter how technical the background is, it removes any form of background.

Profile Picture Maker

profile picture -blog halt

This absolute free AI tool is used to remove backgrounds from your photos. It helps you create amazing profile photos that can be used on social media. The interesting part is, it also helps to create company’s about pages, for example, executive pages with a headshot.

beautiful ai

This tool is for those who don’t like creating presentations because they simply suck in it. This tool enhances your designs just to have beautiful content. Worries about how to create your layout are out of the way with


This is an AI tool for copywriters. This tool helps create taglines that converts be it landing pages, ads” emails or social post. It is always ready to create effective and communicative lines. It also interestingly modifies every message for every platform to ensure it ranks high. It also starts running immediately after you sign up.

This helps you have quick access to a large list. It also helps to arrange every contact info which includes email, phone numbers and addresses. It helps you skip every busy work of data entry, list building, researching of contacts etc.

Interestingly, It helps you stack up money generating contacts that you should be targeting by using past success, ideal persona and various machine learning data.


This great marketing tool is used for digital ads. It makes use of creative elements, campaigns like colour, emojis and imagery. It drives the highest ROI by analysing thousands of creative dimensions. This is done to find the right assets. This helps those brands that invest highly in Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

It does not only show you the best performing ads but also gives you tips on ads types and image attributes.  

Final Thoughts

All these tools mentioned above without a doubt will make work easier and faster. Big companies are encouraging the use of AI as most of them make use of top AI marketing tools. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, e-commerce or entrepreneur, taking advantage of AI tools will drive your business to the top and can turn your long term goals into short term goals.

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