Choosing the Best Solar Battery for your Home

Solar batteries are inevitable and they play a great role in your solar panel installation. They come in different ranges and sizes and are not manufactured the same way. While some manufactures use robotic assembly with automated quality control; others use old-fashioned material with a manual assembly which can minimize the performance of the battery and reduce its lifespan. The type, capacity, power rating, output, and cost of your battery is crucial when choosing your battery.  While some have the same specifications, their performance and life span are often different. Selecting the best battery means purchasing a high-performance battery with a low cost of maintenance and a great life span. That is why you need to identify the quality control, and materials of a battery to navigate your choice of battery for your renewable energy. Understanding the battery types, its specifications, and many more will also guide you.

Read on as Boaz Augustin a businessman and a solar energy expert takes us through how to pick the best solar battery for your home.

Battery type

It is important to identify and understand the batteries’ quality control system, how it’s been constructed, and many more. Varieties of battery are available in the market today with specific applications. While some are available for use in renewable energy, others might not be a good fit. Automotive starter batteries are fully charged all the time and provides a small burst of power,  uninterrupted power supply batteries on the other hand are used to back up electricity to be used when there is no electricity however, it does not permit continuous discharge. Deep circles permit continuous discharge and charge circle which gives it the capacity to provide electricity for a long time.

Renewable energy battery is the best for all solar batter as it is specially designed for renewable energy applications. Examples include a flooded battery, grid backup system, and many more. The flooded battery is commonly used because it is very  effective, affordable, reliable with low maintenance costs. Expensive renewable energy batteries such as absorbent glass mat are often maintenance-free depending on the manufacturer.

Solar Battery

Battery storage capacity 

Before selecting a solar battery, ask questions like what is the backup capacity of the battery? Will its capacity be enough for my home appliance? You can know the amount of electricity your solar battery can save by simply reading its specifications or by asking the seller.

Its power ranting

The power rating of your battery will give you the details of the amount of electricity it can provide in a moment. While a battery with high capacity but low power rating delivers a small amount of electricity for a long period of time, a low capacity battery with a high power-rating will provide maximum electricity for your entire house for a short period of time.

The depth of discharge you prefer

A battery depth of discharge is the amount of battery discharged to be used before recharging the battery. Many solar battery manufacturers specify the maximum amount of depth of discharge to be used for optimum battery performance. “Using 100% of a battery charge can run its performance” say, Boaz Augustin.

Battery warranty and life span

It is essential to always check the warranty of the solar battery before purchasing it. Although the life span of a battery reduces as you continue to sue it, however, many manufacturers provide a guarantee that the battery will retain its normal capacity during the guaranteed period. Therefore, you need to know how lasting the battery you are selecting will be and this depends greatly on the brand you purchase, the battery capacity, and the capacity the battery will lose over time.

Your battery brand

 There are many brands of solar batteries in the market today. While many companies and organizations developing and manufacturing solar batteries have a long history of good products, they might not provide the technology needed for a great solar battery. And a start-up technology company with no history might deliver a high-performance solar battery with great functionality. Whether you chose to purchase a new brand or a brand with a long history, it is important to evaluate the solar battery warranty. His will help you to make a better choice.

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Written by Boaz Augustin

The higher you raise in the world of business, the stronger the temptation to exchange your principles for success. Few people know this better than Boaz Augustin, Chairman & Managing Director of Borg Energy. Boaz holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications from an institution which is rated among top-10 in India (Anna University), pursued his MBA and LNV also holds the Doctorate degree in business administration.


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