Major Challenges of Digital Marketing Transformation

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Whether its small startups or big organizations, Joseph Minetto, a digital marketing expert has been providing solutions to businesses. He explores challenges organizations face with digital marketing transformation.

The whole world has not only gone digital but it has also started embracing digital first! This is the trend among businesses, marketers, and experts as digital media become the heart of their marketing tactics and efforts. Why won’t this be? Technology is developing at a fast-paced. information is increasingly consumed on mobile digital and customer expectations are ever-changing. Businesses who want to be ahead of the game need to keep up with the pace and leverage digital marketing effectively to reap the benefits. These, however, come with its challenges. While some businesses are already reaping the benefits, many see it as a real struggle to incorporate in the business process. What are these challenges and what can be done? Read on as Joseph Minetto takes an inside look into these challenges.

“To remain competitive in today’s digitalized world, businesses understand the need to become more aggressive with digital marketing. Where the problem lies, however, is how to integrate these changes for successful marketing strategies,” says Joseph Minetto.

Getting the right talents and skills

Technological developments have created a business landscape that is in constant flux and businesses require agile experts that can shift with the times. Finding the right talent pool has always been one of the major obstacles. Existing candidates with traditional marketing skills lack technical expertise and do not have what it takes to drive business to successful digital marketing.

Organizations need to hire individuals with technological and digital skills that match the goals of the business. Plus, create the ability for close teamwork, harmonization, and provide a level ground for growth.

Managing of big data

How can a high level of data be reached and become accessible for business intelligence and big data applications without proper management? Marketers today are drowning in data and 53% confess data analytics is one of their top challenges. However, without the management of both structured and unstructured data, companies will remain clueless and marketing will never be effective.

“Centralization of data into one platform will make it to be more organized. Moreover, it is one thing to store and manage data effectively, businesses need to make use of big data solutions and technologies to gain insights,” says Joseph Minetto.

Understanding the digital customer

When it comes to digital marketing, customers set the tune, and organizations dance to it. Businesses are forced to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. However, understanding digital customers is still a problem marketers face. Throughout the customer journey, the organization needs to focus on customers’ high expectations, understand their needs, and strategize on how the needs will be met. In a highly competitive business world, this calls for personalization.

Rethink how to interact with your target audience, map out their expectations, and then create a good marketing strategy.

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience

Customers have an unprecedented number of ways they engage with companies, on social media platforms, websites, all the while being active on their mobile phones. This makes creating a seamless customer experience across all channels all the more crucial. However, in most times, customers still lack seamless experience as companies struggle to provide a smooth transition across various channels.

Provide amazing mobile marketing, engage social media campaigns, leverage useful software, and provide effective omnichannel experience.

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Written by Joseph Minetto

Joseph Mineto sought a career in digital marketing and advertising. From content creation to high-level consulting, he continues to provide technological solutions for small to medium size businesses throughout the country.


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