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Digital signature apps are a type of electronic signature app. There is a great future for these apps in managing business documents. All technical advancement that gets popular has some kind of disadvantages as well. In this article, we are going to cover all kinds of digital signature online disadvantages and how we can work around them. Before we get into the solution to these disadvantages, we have to know what a digital signature is and how it helps us. Digital Signature is a replacement of your physical ink signs that are used on business documents. These signatures help you to sign your document digitally without the mess of printing papers. They are more efficient to work with and provide you all the properties that a manual ink pen signature does.

Disadvantages that comes when you Sign documents online and their solutions

There are several disadvantages of E-signature that you guys are going to face when using them. The following list contains all of them and their solutions as well.

Storage is limited in some applications

There are multiple vendors online which are providing the service of digitally signing documents online. Not all of them provide you a proper storage setup for your business documents.  Legal business documents are sacred property of yours and you want a proper place to store them. This concern worries many of the business owners that they are not able to control where their documents are stored.


The solution to this problem is very simple. It will require a little bit of research and time of yours. You have to look for such an e-signature vendor that is providing you a proper space to store your business documents. The vendor should be able to hand over the control of your storage. You will be able to reach any of your digital document copy from the server. This will help you to maintain all quality checks when finding a good vendor for digital signature online processing.

The security of your document depending on the vendor policies

This is one of the biggest disadvantages that you get when Electronically signing Word documents. All of your business transactions that even come in digital documents should be secured properly. The security parameters of this electronic signature app are second to none. There is no security system to protect your documents from getting tempered. Digital documents get tempered easily and there is no way of checking them. If your vendor is not providing you basic protection against that tempering then their services are useless.


The solution to this problem also requires some basic level research. First of all, you guys need to have the information about your document. Then you should know what kind of protection it will require. You need to find a vendor that provides you with the highest level of security. They will be able to protect your data from getting tempered. For this, you will require the services of such vendors that work on cloud-based computing.  It may cost you a little more but at least your documents are secured. These are some of the biggest disadvantages that come with the services of digital signatures. If you are going to avail of the service of the digital signature online platform, it is mandatory that you look for these things as well. A little research can take some hours of your time but in the future, it is going to benefit you. So, it is up to you which vendor of e-signature is good for your business and which one is not.

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