The Five Pillars of EV Charging Station Maintenance

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Do you know that approximately 3 million electric vehicles are running on US roads? And this number will only increase in the future as electrification is the best way to reduce fuel usage, which is rising daily owing to the increased number of vehicles.

But most people don’t see that the more EVs there are on the road, the more charging stations are required. You cannot rush back home whenever you run out of charge. It has led to the popping up of EV charge point operators, and their success depends on electric car charger repair.

The Growing Importance of EV Charging Stations

Gone are the days when you were required to charge your car back home after a day’s haul. Earlier, it could take hours to charge the battery fully for the next day, but the increased number of vehicles on the road requires EV charging stations at every public place, including shopping malls, hotels, offices, regular gas stations, etc. In this evolving landscape, ensuring your property is protected becomes crucial. Explore the best homeowners insurance to safeguard your home and any potential EV charging installations. As technology advances, having comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind and keeps you one step ahead.

For businessmen, it is only another way of revenue generation. But, with three million EVs on the road and only 130000 public charging points, it is a great business opportunity. President Biden has also announced $7.4 million in funding for different charging infrastructure plans. It only indicates that EV charging stations will soon become a significant part of the USA’s car fueling system.

Five Key Pillars of EV Charging Station Maintenance and Management

An EV charging station can operate successfully for an extended period only if it provides a seamless driving experience. Here are five key pillars crucial for EV charging station maintenance and management.

Minimize Downtime

Imagine finding an EV charging station when the driver’s car battery is about to be drained, and the driver sees the charging point is not working. Imagine the disappointment. It will make drivers wary of using EVs for long distances and set the government further apart from their dream of having at least 50% of on-road cars being EVs by 2030. The charge point operators must minimize downtime and ensure on-site repairs. One crucial point here is to optimize on-site repair costs, which can easily ruin the balance sheet with repair costs and lowered profits.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the backbone of EV charging station maintenance. It is crucial because public charging stations are used heavily. They are equipped with Level 3 and Level 4 smart chargers. They are networked chargers and require more upkeep than Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. Apart from their routine maintenance, there is the requirement of an electrical team on board who can offer electric car charger repair services 24*7. As these stations are equipped with more detailed charging units that ensure the driver can pay seamlessly through smart technology, preventive maintenance is an indispensable part of maintaining these EV charging stations.

Electrical Car Charger Repair Services

There is a huge network of CPOs across America, and one electrician can only undertake maintenance of some of the charging stations. Therefore, CPOS must stay in touch with regional electrical car charger repair services. It will enable them to minimize the repair time, which can extend to hours and disrupt drivers.

Use of IoT

EVs are a next-gen innovation, and thus, the EV CPOs require next-gen solutions to offer a seamless user experience. The use of IoT is inevitable in maintaining EV charging stations. The chargers installed are smart, faster, and intelligent, and business operators must ensure they are visible to users through an application or website. It will allow drivers to tap into the application and locate the nearest charging station, sign up easily, make reservations at the charging point, and load their wallets to pay remotely for the service. IoT can open a new world for EV drivers to refuel without hassles.

Real-Time Data Processing

It is the information age, and businesses require accurate and intelligent data to make informed decisions. Businesses must have systems to give them real-time operational data to take quick actions, such as deploying the available electric car charge repair services. It can also be extended to users where they can locate the nearest charging point and learn whether it’s working or not, so they can save energy and find the second nearest station. Technology allows businesses to reduce the distance between users and operations, which can yield positive results in the future.

Final Words

The future belongs to EVs, and EVs depend on charging stations for making successful and safe journeys. The five pillars discussed above are crucial for EV charging station management and maintenance and can help attain the govt.’s goal of 97% availability and uptime.

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