Complete Guide: How to Hire Top Mobile App Developers in 2022?


Are you looking for dedicated Android app development in the UK for your business?

In this article, you will know what qualities to look out for and how to judge the top app development companies out there! With the booming IT industry in the UK, even in times of severe COVID wave, there is a clear indication that 2022 will touch the all-time high revenues in IT. Can you sail your business with a bolstering new app? Let us discover together and find how to hire the top Android app developer in the UK.

There is a rising demand for Shopping Apps in the UK:

As per the statistics, the UK sees an apparent rise in the eCommerce market. 2021 was perhaps one of the darkest years in the history of the UK. Tons of people couldn’t make it with us in the New Year, and even at the start of 2022, the curse of COVID hasn’t gone yet.

Even in our darker times, when most people were sitting at home. They are either doing their work from home jobs or shining their intuition with new skills with the help of a vast online library. Yet, the number of app downloads touched an all-time high. Every online business should look for an android app development company in the UK to get the potent app solution.

With an overall download touching 1 Billion for TikTok, it was the most downloaded app available on Android and iOS platforms in the UK. This was possible because of the massive second wave in the first half of 2021 that demolished the offline structure of schools, offices, and businesses, and people suddenly had all the time in their hands.

How are you planning to get this tech boost to your business?

Today’s world is fully app-driven. Every business across the globe has its application. So, if you are thinking of starting your business, you need to build your business app first because an app gives recognition for your business and increases your brand value. Having a brand value for your business is a must. Your customers identify you among all the other companies with your brand value. Let us follow the must thought aspects before going to an Android app developer in the UK.

Steps to follow to build and launch your Android app:

  1. First, think of which platform(s) you would like to release your application. Is it Android, or iOS, or both? If you want your business only on the Android platform, then you need to check the top Android app developers in the UK.
  2. Fix your budget accordingly,
  3. Now think about whether to approach an individual app developer or to go with anAndroid app development company in the UK. This is the most crucial part. Remember that the experience and service of an app developing company in the UK is no match for an individual’s work. But, if you are on a tight budget, go for a freelancer.
  4. It would be best if you had a clear picture of how your app should look! Decide how you want to showcase your business to the customers, the UI/UX of the app, etc. A lot of Android app development services can offer the best UI design mobile application.
  5. Then comes the hiring part. You need to hire either an experienced freelancer or an Android app development company in the UK.
  6. After completing the project, you should check the performance of the app and release it in the Google Play Store as a beta version. Then, when you have the customer feedback and reviews, update the app regularly to meet the customer’s expectations. After all the checking, release its final version. Though, checking and improving its performance with regular updates is a must.

How do I hire the best Android App Development in the UK:

You must have planned and had a fixed budget for your application development by now.

Whether you are hiring a freelancer or going for an Android app development company in the UK? The first riddle you want to get out from is hiring a freelancer or a full-fledged android app developing company in the UK. We can only say that if you are under a few budget constraints, you should look for Android app development freelancers in freelancing websites. But if budget is not an issue, then, without a second thought, go for a company offering an Android app development service.

Which Android app development company in the UK should I choose?

This would be a challenging task! Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Google, and search for the ‘Best Android App Development Companies in the UK.’ Tons of results will pop up. Do not go for the Ads the first time. Try the organic results first. As the organic search results are the companies that have used their SEO techniques to improve their positions in the search results.
  2. After selecting any company, look at the services they offer and if your requirements match their services.
  3. If you have matched your app requirements with the services of any company, call them straight away. Ask for their experiences in building similar applications before and whether they can provide your demands.
  4. To get a first-hand experience of the services of your Android application development in the UK, ask them if they have built any apps that are on the Google Play Store. Download one, and try it. Check the ratings. Read the reviews, whether the developers had responded to the customer dissatisfactions. This is the best way you can monitor your app developers. If possible, use the services of one such app, and as a customer, try to rate your experience. If you like it, move to the next step, i.e., interview, and if not, repeat this step with the following search result.
  5. As you are now delighted with your app developing company, schedule an interview with them, and tell them your demands. Ask them when they can deliver and how they plan to move forward with your project.
  6. Always ask for an all-inclusive package rather than taking all the services separately, as it will give you some savings,
  7. If you are all good with them, their behavior, and ambition for your project, take the step forward and award the project.

Wrapping Up

These are all the steps you should follow to hire the best Android app development company in the UKlike i4 Acmmos Media. If you are an Indian company, you might face some difficulty with the time-zone of the UK and India. If your company is professional enough, they will always value their client and provide you with 24/7 assistance. This is essential as you need to constantly be in touch with your app developers in case of any glitch or functionality problem your customers might face.

Sometimes, you may need to add extra functionality to your app to match your business goals. Your Android app development company in the UK must assist you in adding the additional features and functionalities that help your business grow. Additionally, you should also check and educate yourself on the basics of app development, coding, and all so that you can fix any instant error if required. I hope you will get your very first Android app afloat in the Google Play Store soon.

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