How can you use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy


Sam law, the President and founder of Hip Professionals Inc., a marketing professional, and also a Ted x speaker event organizer explores ways in which marketing reels can be used in marketing strategy.

Instagram reels become the new marketing buzz. A new way of creating fun and engaging videos with access to music and filters as different from Instagram stories. These short-form videos can be shared with followers and friends and trending ones can even be discovered while browsing through the app. Instagram simply opens up more to video entertainment.

Doe this sound familiar? Well, it will be and many as considered it as TikTok clone. While some see it as TikTok’s competitors luring TikTok fans and get people to spend more time on Instagram.

Whatever the case, as a digital marketer, we are all about how it can be leveraged in your marketing. Instagram reels is the new rave in both the marketing and entertainment world. How can you use it as a marketing tool for your business? What content can you create? How can you showcase your product and services and drive sales using Instagram reels? Here, Sam Law provides ways to drive traffic and sales using Instagram reels. Read on!

Create authentic engaging video content

Instagram stories is a major shift in how we create and share content. It helps the brand to connect with the audience on a more intimate, deeper level. With stories, content becomes more authentic, unique as brands sometimes display the raw side.

Instagram reels is even much more than stories and could do more. With access to music and other special effects, you could come up with videos that are more captivating, engaging, and fun.


With reels, brands could project their human side and build genuine relationships with their audience. What’s more? Your video could end up on the top of Instagram explore pages. Then, you get to reach a new audience and increase your followers base.

Share knowledge through educational content

“Sharing educational videos is a great way to display the value of your product or services without making it look like it. For instance, if you are a digital marketer, you can share tips on how to become a successful digital marketer. Not only are you sharing knowledge with your audience, but you also position yourself as an expert in the field.” Sam Law says. Depending on your niches, share your tips on traveling on a tight budget, your food recipes, fashion hacks, and many more.

Showcase your product or services

Reels can be a great tool to promote your brand and products in a fun, authentic way without looking like you are hard selling to your customers.  If you want to create a hype about your new products, simply post fun, interesting videos that will resonate with your audience. Your videos could even get to be at the top of the Instagram explore page, making you reach huge users who don’t even follow you.  This way you can convert more of your followers to customers.

Show the behind the scenes of your daily lives

Instagram stories kickoff as a way to show the behind the scenes of our daily lives. Reels can also be used to showcase what goes on in your lives as a brand. You can showcase the inside scoop of your services, your product development, and social events. Your followers get to know you and connect more deeply with you. This way you can build trust and rapport, increase brand loyalty, and get them to buy from you.

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Written by Sam Law

Samantha Lawson, aka “Sam Law,” is the President and founder of Hip Professionals Inc. She is also a published model, Ted x speaker event organizer, marketing professional and community advocate.


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