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“We have a lot of traffic!”, now that is something you don’t want to hear normally. However, web developers, marketers and search engine optimizers love it! Why? Because increased web traffic leads to more views, which leads to more prospective clients, hence more sales. All great software development blogs have one thing in common: people are reading them. There is traffic. Unlike the road traffic that you are trying to avoid, running a website means that you have to attract as much of it as you can. In fact, increasing web traffic to your online platform should be one of the top priorities, especially if yours is an online business.

The thing is, while most of us know what we want from our website, which is ROI through huge traffic and engagement. Unfortunately, there is no definite solution to achieve this. Businessmen, like you and I, resort to solutions we find best and it is after a trial-and-error process of “this, not that” when one of us realizes we have finally gotten a hold of it. That is until Google changes algorithms and we have to start all over.

The funny thing about web traffic is that a simple Google search will lead you to plenty of marketers trying to claim how they increased their website traffic. While there are some genuine people out there who are making it work, one still has to ask others these questions: If these pieces of advice were all true, shouldn’t everyone have high traffic to their website? Why is it still a big challenge then?

Increasing web traffic to a website remains one of the greatest challenges for everyone involved, may it be a web developer, search engine optimizer, or a blogger. Surely, this is going to remain a challenge until Google decides to disclose some of its secrets regarding ranking web pages. Unfortunately, that is not happening any time soon. Here, the claim is not that the following solution is perfect. However, research-backed statistics to prove the conclusions can be a good start. Isn’t that what you need?

#1 Google My Business To Increase Web Traffic

Please know that Google is still your best friend in this challenge of increasing web traffic, although it does tend to hide most of the techniques. However, if it is suggesting you to do something, it is certainly going to reward you. Google My Business is a perfect opportunity for businesses to get listed on Google’s database. If you have a verified account on Google MB, there is an 84% chance that the next traffic that you will be getting is from Google’s discovery searches. Google studied 45,000 anonymous listings across 36 industries to help local businesses reach out to their audience better. 49% of businesses receive an increase in web traffic by more than 1000 views on searches per month. Moreover, Moz, the guys who tell us about the domain and page authorities (and much more!) tells that over 25% of the local ranking factor comes directly from Google My Business!

#2 Get Those Reviews Now!

A satisfied customer can get you a lot of views. If you are in marketing, you know how precious reviews are. It’s probably more precious than the One Ring (yes, this is a LoTR reference in a serious post!). Reviews are amazing at building the trust of new customers. This is similar to how you will search for reviews of online products before you buy them. However, the difference here is that it is great for SEO as well. Hence, an increase in web traffic.

82% of online consumers use reviews to rank a local business. 52% of people aged between 18 and 54 says that they ALWAYS read reviews. An average consumer will spend up to 14 minutes (840 seconds!) just reading reviews. Want more? 97% of the consumers will read responses from these businesses to their reviews. If you thought customer service does not matter, or that it holds little significance then it is high time to revise your strategy. Satisfied customers are a considerable factor in increasing your web traffic.

#3 Aim For Feature Snippets!

Another very cool and trending way of getting user attention is through snippets. How many times have you entered a question-based query on Google and it returned a featured answer to your request? Try searching for anything, like “What is Barack Obama’s Height?”

A small example it might be, but when Google’s voice-activated feature, or Alexa, plays this answer then almost 70% of the people click on the link where the answer was pulled from. Voice search is a trending feature and Google knows this as well. It is actively trying to push content that contains snippets of answers for its AI to speak. In clear cut words, introductory paragraphs that contain the answer to a query in 40 to 60 words usually become snippet features and that is when your page starts getting an increase in web traffic.

#4 Try Out Different Forums!

One of the best ways of increasing web traffic is by backlinking, and we already know that. There are so many articles online and Google speaks about it frequently. Then again, why should we stop there?

An increase in web traffic has no clearly defined procedures so, there are always going to be newer ways. one of them is putting your business profile on trendy online communities like Quora, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), and even Reddit. These places are not only for shenanigans, but these are also spaces that can help your business. Look for the spaces, questions, and queries that specifically relate to your services/products and try to drive traffic from these places towards your website. A good Quora profile receives several thousand weekly views on its queries and it will drive traffic towards a website that they will link with.

 The point here is that these are just some of the activities that show results by driving increased web traffic to your platform. The key here is to understand which platforms do your customers use the most and go there right away.

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Written by Edward Kring


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