Life Hack: How to maximise Productivity

maximise Productivity

What do you do when you are using a gadget and then the battery is running low? Definitely take a charger and charge it.

What do you do when your gas runs out? I definitely went to the gas station to fill the tank.

What do you do when you’re working and then feel tired? Will you ‘charge’ with breaks like the two of your habits above? Or continue to work until finished?

Under the pretext of time is money, many of us continue to work to exceed the capacity of the body and brain. The important thing is the work is done. Boss is not angry. Moreover, we are urbanites who live in big cities. It feels, busyness is everything. High mobility as if already a lifestyle.

If we ponder for a moment, life itself is a job. Here, I’m not saying that life is a difficult job. Who has the principle of life is like water, also it’s okay. That’s all right. Depending on what kind of water you want to be? Which flows from high to low until it ends calmly in the gutter. Or water that can be a wave in the sea that can erode coral reefs and make the whole ship. Up to you. It’s all just a matter of mindset.

In fact, the more we continue to work, productivity does not increase, instead, it appears that the name stress and the body become prone to disease! By the way, I’ve read the article if staying up late last night the effect on the body is worse than eating junk food for 6 months! Scared of that. (The funny thing is I wrote this article in the early morning because I was stuck because it was stuck).

Life hack is a bit mindblowing, though. If you’ve read the article about procrastination, you will definitely get a better feel when reading this case. For example, I was given a month to write an article. What will I do? Obviously, I will return to being a procrastinator and prefer to work on articles as tight as deadlines. The previous days I would have been relieved. Because what I think is that I have more time. It’s different if I only have 2 days to make 1 article, I will definitely finish the article as soon as possible. And hope the remaining time can be for rest. How, it turns out different, huh?

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Well, it turns out this has been researched by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman and published in Harvard Business Review. Like many people do, a vacation turns out to be one of the answers in order to reduce stress and increase productivity. The results of the research stated that workers who are given time and funds for a vacation, the productivity of their work is as great as compared to workers who are not given a day off. Why doesn’t the vacation affect you? How come?

So, workers who have this special holiday allotment have a high tendency to be able to complete a lot of work in a short time. People who vacation for weeks to months even feel overwhelmed by their work. What if they don’t, they have to finish their work before the holidays and complete a lot of tasks after the holidays. So it looks like it’s even.

That is, to maximize productivity, you don’t have to go to Karimun Jawa for one week or have a trip somewhere, because this also requires more planning, time, and budget. You only need to do a little by setting aside time to rest and refresh your brain and body. This is actually effective for making your productivity many times over, you know! Besides not taking a lot of time and cost, this refreshing actually looks simple. Do what you like and can make your life and work more productive. For example, help take care of your small garden, take a pet to walk around the house, make cooking experiments, read lots of books, play music, and others

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