How to Create Strikingly Beautiful Photos Using Creative Suite?

How to Create Strikingly Beautiful Photos Using Creative Suite

Are you struggling with creating strikingly beautiful photos but not getting the desired results? It might be because of several reasons. On top of them, you may not have enough editing skills for transforming photos or you are not using the right photo editor. Even if you don’t have good photo editing skills, using the right editor can help you get excellent transformations such as Creative Suite.

This creative suite by CapCut is a collection of tools e.g. online image editor and video editor, free templates, cloud backup, smart tools, creative cloud, etc. In fact, it is an all-in-one online suite where you can access all the basic and premium tools to edit your photos and videos. As the focus of this article is on creating strikingly beautiful photos, let’s focus specifically on it here.

Creative Suite Online Image Editor

In this Creative Suite, one of its main components is its online image editor which is AI-based and free to use. It comes with a great number of exciting features to make dramatic transformations to your images. Let’s have a look at some of its more prevalent and stunning features that can benefit you in creating impressive photos.

  • Simplify Workflow

The most exciting feature of this online image editor is that it comes with AI-based creative tools. These tools (e.g. photo/video compressor) are based on machine learning algorithms that use artificial intelligence to carry out commands and create results. As a result of the automation of these processes, editing becomes so much easier and simpler for every person.

  • Extensive templates

In addition, there are a great number of beautiful and stunning templates available in this editor. The Creative Suite assures that the users get benefits through these templates by using them in their editing projects. To give your photo a unique and distinctive look, try using any template and fit your photo to it. Edit the text of the template as per your personal/commercial details and download the end results to your device for free.

  •  Enable background editing

In addition, you can also edit the background of your photos here without any complex steps. This editor allows you to remove the background of your photo with just one click. At the same time, you can also add another background of your choice within a second. This editor also allows you to pick up a solid color as a background and set it on your photo. Try using different backgrounds on your photo and finalize the one that looks more interactive with your photo.

  • Stickers and Frames

There are also a great number of frames and stickers available here that you can apply to your photos. These stickers and frames are actually an impressive way to make your photos stand out from the crowd. You can set any one of them to make your photos look more interactive, catchy, and aesthetically beautiful to the eyes.

  • Text effects

Additionally, there is also an option for text effects that you can also apply to your photos. You can add any text to your photo and then customize its color, font size, and also its writing style. This amazing editor also allows you to add different texts in different styles and colors within the same image. Moreover, you can add different effects to these texts to make them look more prominent and meaningful.

  • Photo filters

To further enhance the aesthetics of your photos or to give them a professional touch, take advantage of photo filters. You will find a variety of beautiful and interactive filters that you can add to your photos for greater aesthetics.

  • Cloud Storage

Similarly, this Creative Suite also offers you cloud storage with you can save and create a backup of your photos. No matter how many photos you edit or transform using this editor, make sure to maintain its cloud backup. In this way, you actually preserve all your transformations that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

  • Custom export

Last but not least, this amazing editor also allows you to resize and custom export your photos to your device. You can choose the format in which you want to save your photos. Similarly, it also allows you to choose the size as well as the quality of the photo before downloading it to your device. Hence, all of these features make this Creative Suite editor a must-have and must-use for all types of transformations.

How to Use CapCut Creative Suite Online Image Editor?

After looking at all of the above-discussed surprising and heart-touching benefits of this amazing editor, you must be thinking of using it. If this is the case, the following steps will help you in using and transforming your photos professionally and instantly.

  • Step 1: Signup

Before you start editing your photos here, let’s create your free account here. You can do so by clicking this Creative Suite. Here, you will see the Signup for Free button at the top of the page. Use this button to create your account and access all the tools of this incredible Creative Suite. Once done, navigate to the online image editor and click on it to enter its workspace.

  • Step 2: Upload

On the image editor online, use the upload button to upload any of your random/ordinary photos here. You can also upload it using your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Cloud Storage. The other option is to simply choose and drag and drop this image to the editor for easy uploading. You will also see some beautiful sample photos in the editor that you or anyone else can use to try making transformations.

  • Step 3: Edit

When you upload your image, start making edits to it through multiple creative tools on this editor. For example, you can try to change or even remove the background of your photo. You can also optimize the colors for it with a one-click color-optimize button. If you want, you can generate different color palettes for this image using the color optimization tool. Then, pick up the best palette out of so many of them and apply other features.

Adding text effects, photo effects, filters, shapes, stickers, etc. make a photo look more interactive and beautiful. Besides, you can also simply search for the best template and edit it to create a dramatic transformation.

  • Step 4: Download

Finally, move to the download button under the export tab and save your photo to your laptop. Before saving your photos, don’t forget to review the choose the best download options i.e. photo size, quality, format, etc. Also, downloading the final transformation is free of cost at this Creative Suite. So, feel free to transform as many photos as you want and mesmerize yourself through the incredible results.


Creating strikingly beautiful and stunning photos is no longer a difficult task with CapCut Creative Suite. By using this all-in-one Creative Suite, you can enjoy using its different components for mindblowing transformations. Out of all those components, this article mainly focused on its online image editor that allows you to make artistic masterpieces. Must give it a try and showcase your creativity to your friends and family.

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