Tips to Know the Process of Rolled Rings Forging

Rolled rings find extensive applications in the industrial sector. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Ring rolled forging is a metal processing technology that begins when a circular piece of preformed metal which is already subjected to piercing and upsetting processes using the open die forging process, is yet again subjected to pressure in a bid to form a hollow “doughnut.”

The next step in this process is to heat the doughnut until its temperature is hovering above the re-crystallization temperature. After this, the heated workpiece will be placed on top of a mandrel roll or idler which will move under extreme pressure towards another roll known as the drive roll. The drive roll will rotate continuously and the reason is simple – the continuous rotation reduces the thickness of the workpiece and in turn, increases the diameter of the ring.

Seamless rolled rings are also altered to produce products like –

  • Washer-like parts
  • Tall cylindrical parts

A rolled ring can also be altered to have heights that range from lower than an inch to more than nine feet. If one sees fit, the thickness of the walls can also be altered based on the specifications of the client or the application.


Rolled ring forging is the preferred forging process for metal processing companies when they are tasked with the production of –

  • Heavy-duty valves
  • Parts for industrial robotics
  • Strong and durable parts for industrial machines
  • Glass-lined reactors
  • High performance and heavy-duty gears
  • Flanges
  • Drives
  • Couplings
  • Clutches and
  • Bearings.

Additionally, this forging process can also be used for the –

  • Production of military items like parts for heavy-armored vehicles
  • Production of heavy-duty machinery and spare parts for machined used in the oil industries
  • Production of machine parts and machines used in the power generation sector
  • Production of machine parts and machines used in the mining sector and for the
  • Production of spare parts for the windmills, jet engines railways, and power rock crushing machinery.

Why Use Rolled Rings?

Rolled rings are mainly used as they are cost-effective, versatile, and strong. Companies that use forged products prefer to use rolled rings as they not only cost less to procure but also perform pretty well even under trying conditions.

The finished rings will always match the contour of the shape that was asked for by the client of a metal processing company. This in turn allows a metal processing company to reduce the time taken to produce seamless rolled rings as fewer machining and related finishing steps need to be performed. It also allows a metal processing company to reduce its operational costs by cutting down the procurement of raw materials since very low amounts of raw materials are wasted when rolled rings are manufactured.

Rolled rings are also versatile, as mentioned earlier and the reason is simple – these can be made using any form of forgeable material. They are also pretty durable as they are capable of remaining in their operational state even when they are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations.

For the best results, it is always a good idea to procure rolled rings from a veteran metal processing company that has been in the metal processing sector for a while. It is the only way to ensure that the products will be on par with one’s expectations and requirements.

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