Top 7 Reasons Why Businesses prefer PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress

At the present day, having your business online is as crucial as having a traditional store as in this digital era, almost all of your prospective customers are on the internet. Hence, it is not surprising that more and more enterprises are getting established online with the help of a robust business website. This is where website development comes into the picture, wherein almost all the businesses usually prefer WordPress for the purpose.

There are many benefits you can expect if you convert PSD to WordPress as the latter comes with a plethora of amazing features to make usability a matter of game for you. So, let us discuss why after all you should actually consider picking WordPress for your business websites.


The scalability of WordPress can be gauged from the fact that it is a very powerful platform with extremely robust media management coupled with high security. In addition, WordPress is extremely scalable because of its robust services, resources, and infrastructure. A good amount of content can be added in its database without hampering the functionality of the website. Hence, WordPress is considered to be an excellent medium for reaching the market and boosting your business.

Mobile-friendly Design

In today’s digitized era, a website without a mobile-friendly design cannot survive. It is a matter of fact that Google offers higher SEO ranking to responsive websites in its search results. Hence, it is very important for your business website to be capable of adjusting itself for mobile devices with smaller screens.

With the help of WordPress you can build highly responsive websites on the go.

eCommerce Integration

If you are interested in selling your products and services online and taking your business to an entire new level, you need to develop an eCommerce business website. The problems in building such websites are that they are pricey and time-consuming. This is exactly where you need to convert PSD to WordPress. A normal WordPress website can be converted into a robust eCommerce website by adding the WooCommerce plugin. With this plugin you can get essential features and functionalities that can help you in selling your products on the internet.

Pixel-Perfect Design

The design of a website is coded strategically with pixel-perfection in order to make it appear crisp and sharp. WordPress comes with built-in functionality, which makes sure that each and every pixel gets used efficiently for offering an impressive look to the website. A pixel-perfect website offers a consistent and pleasant look across various web browsers.

Free Availability

It is known to all that the CMS of WordPress is open source and can be used absolutely free of cost. This platform is self-hosted and the users do not require paying anything for downloading its script. So, you can install it easily and establish your presence online in very less time. This makes WordPress cost-effective as well as time-effective.

SEO-friendly Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) enables websites to achieve higher rankings in the search results of various search engines. It is a matter of fact that hardly any customer would prefer to view the search results listed on Google’s second page. Hence, all the businesses prefer getting listed on the first search results page. That said, only SEO can help a business website to achieve a good ranking on the first search result page of the search engines.

WordPress comes with built-in mechanisms, which help webmasters in enhancing their WordPress website search ranking. So, just by optimizing your WordPress website, you can easily achieve improved search rankings. Hence, it can be rightly said that WordPress is incredibly reliable when it comes to SEO.

Built-In Blogging Platform

Formerly, WordPress served as a great blogging platform. However, in the later years, it was developed into a robust content management platform for building feature-rich websites. At the present day, WordPress offers excellent in-built blogging options that are termed better than many other CMS available in the current market.  This is the reason why millions of professional bloggers make use of WordPress today for sharing their expertise and experience to the whole world.

The CMS of WordPress can be used for building an impressive blogging site to fetch increased revenue. Blogs propel higher traffic, thereby generating increased earnings to a business. Furthermore, when introducing a new service or product, blogs serve as an excellent channel in marketing. All these make for highly convincing reasons to convert website to WordPress.

The Final Thoughts

Showcasing excellent features and functionalities, WordPress is known to be a top-notch CMS to work with. At present, it powers many websites on the internet, including the business websites of popular global brands. Hence, you should definitely consider converting from PSD to WordPress, if you want to see your business achieve the maximum growth and yield expected revenue. So, go ahead and get connected with the best developers to create your WordPress business website today!

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