Security in Electronics Manufacturing

Security in Electronics Manufacturing

Security is a paramount factor that should be considered when selecting an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. While physical safety is a critical aspect of electronic device production, there are many other areas where security is equally essential for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Below, you will find more information about the security of different components of electronics manufacturing.

Physical safety

Ensuring the safety of electronic devices is a top priority for every OEM. While the design created by OEMs largely defines the safety of the final product, the quality of production offered by EMS providers can significantly impact this safety.

Adopting up-to-date technologies in PCB assembly, such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and the “pick and place” technique, is one of the primary ways to ensure the quality of electronic devices. However, these steps are not sufficient without thorough quality control and testing procedures, including 3D SPI, 3D AOI, 3D X-Ray, as well as in-circuit testing (ICT) and environmental tests.

Material and component traceability is another measure taken by competent electronics manufacturers, like Poland-based Assel, to maintain product quality. Thanks to a clear design tracing system, EMS providers and OEMs can effectively identify the root cause of faulty devices if the issue is related to the components used in their production.

Supply chain security and business continuity

A supply chain is a core component of electronics manufacturing. In most cases, it is the responsibility of an EMS provider to handle sourcing. Therefore, the security of production depends on the reliability of vendors with whom a contract manufacturer cooperates. This includes the quality of components and materials as well as their availability.

For example, Assel has implemented an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and flexible scheduling to ensure access to components and materials during adverse market conditions, thereby ensuring business continuity.

Intellectual property and data protection

Design blueprints and confidential manufacturing processes are invaluable assets to OEMs, who often need to put in extra effort to protect their intellectual property from competitors and counterfeiters. These materials must be effectively safeguarded by both the OEM and the EMS provider, who inevitably gain access to at least a portion of this confidential data. Therefore, partnering with a reputable contract manufacturer is vital to protect assets that could be compromised for an unfair advantage.

Additionally, data related to electronics manufacturing also requires a high level of security. Production statistics, quality control data, and customer information are just a few examples of data that cannot be disclosed to third parties.

Cooperation with a certified EMS provider for enhanced security

Certain ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 22301, provide contract manufacturers with reliable and effective guidelines for ensuring security in electronics manufacturing.

ISO 9001 primarily focuses on quality, but it also contributes to security through the standardisation of security processes, a proactive approach to risk assessment and management, continual improvement, and process documentation.

On the other hand, ISO 22301 helps certified EMS providers maintain manufacturing operations in the face of disruptions by optimising incident response and recovery, and increasing supply chain resilience.


Ensuring the safety of electronic devices and their components, maintaining supply chain and business continuity, and safeguarding intellectual property and sensitive data are just a few of the critical aspects of electronics manufacturing that require robust security measures. Therefore, collaborating with a reputable contract manufacturer who has successfully passed ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certifications is a practical choice for OEMs. To learn more about secured electronics production with Assel, visit us.

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