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It was not long ago when everyone found it challenging to dive into eCommerce website development to build a website for commercial reasons. The tools they had back then required tricks, there was no one to look up to and it was almost an untouched land. It was Shopify who saved the days in eCommerce web development where companies quickly used this tool to build up and provide one of the best services available even today. The fact that Shopify offers abundance in innovative and convenient features is a testament to why this tool became so popular. Then again, the fact that, in the eCommerce development, people were leaderless was also another reason why this domain trended so much.

In 2007, an eCommerce store launched an online cart system, where people could add and store the stuff they wanted to buy. This was a revolution back then; an extremely innovative model and a glimpse of what developers could achieve in the later years (present time). Now, in the world of eCommerce website development, there are other players in the game like WooCommerce, Squarespace, and BigCommerce. Though Shopify does not undervalue their contributions, it does offer one of the friendliest and convenient designs for the eCommerce development company. This certainly means that regardless of your knowledge about eCommerce web development, you can still easily build an online store for your business.

Why Use It For Ecommerce Website Development?

If you simply look at the facts and figures, you might become half convinced already. Over 820,000 online merchants are using Shopify for their stores; this includes more than 500,000 active sites. Shopify alone is serving more than a million businesses in eCommerce website development and the retail business. Even companies like Tesla, Pepsi, Nestle and Unilever are using this model. However, what is the real reason for its success?

Its Designs Have Endless Possibilities

There have always been discussions on how the first impression for customers and audience counts. With Shopify, you can increase your eCommerce website development game by adding seamless experience to your designs. The Theme Store contains several hundred free/paid designs. Moreover, there is no need to stick to standard versions when the option for customization is also available. Shopify designers who specialize in eCommerce development can help you with this if you want to outsource this task.

Easier Marketing & Administration

When it comes to promoting your business online, then search engine optimization is the way to do it. Whether your business is to provide eCommerce website development or you looking for eCommerce web development service for yourself, it applies to all. Rest assured, with Shopify, you can optimize your business or your clients’ business easily. Editing content is easy and this means that you have things under your control. You can play with the meta titles, page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and pages visibilities as well. There is no need to generate sitemap.xml or robots.txt file as well. These features are automatic.

Ecommerce Website Development With Great Security

Since this is a globally hosted service, e-Commerce website development companies can rest easy as well as their clients. The developers of this CMS are constantly managing the system and search for new loopholes and security bugs. All the add-ons that the platform provider boasts come with a certain set of security standards to ensure maximum levels of safety for businesses using this service.

If you are not convinced yet, you can also opt for free SSL or integrate PCI compliance to accept and store credit cards and sensitive information without worrying about technicalities. At this point, it is best to know that Shopify is a secure platform that follows PCI regulations and only builds HTTPS websites.

So, What Do We Know?

 As far as eCommerce website development is concerned, Shopify offers an affordable platform that encourages its community of developers, consultants, and designers by supplying excellent services and products. There are many sites and businesses out there that are actively using services provided by this platform, and there is no reason that you should not avail of them either. Since it offers several affordable plans without any hidden or extra costs, Shopify comes risk-free. Moreover, this also proves that it can be a budget-saving option for a small business as well. The eCommerce development that you can do on this platform has an endless level and the development companies should give it a go!

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