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solar water heaters

A massive amount of energy is used to generate hot water in many homes and research has shown that 20% of the energy used in homes is from heating water.  In many homes and companies, the energy is produced from gas and oil, fossil fuel, and many more. Although many modern domestic boilers use gas to heat water on demand, however, many people still use electricity to heat their water. This can affect our climate as fossil fuel destroys our environment and make it more dangerous to live in. It also increases the electricity bill and can be very risky when used. We all know life can be uncomfortable without hot water and many businesses depend on hot water for their production therefore, a new method has been introduced. This means the use of energy can be reduced in homes and companies by switching to a solar water heating system. This energy does not depend on fossil fuel, it is safe, and does not need electricity making it cost-effective, eco-friendly, and also sustainable.

A solar water heater makes use of solar energy and converts sunlight into heat which is used for heating your domestic water. The water-based solar thermal collector absorbs energy from the sun and transports the heat to your domestic water tank through a working fluid using a heat exchanger without mixing the fluid.  The circle continues as the cool fluids return to the thermal collector to pick up more heat resulting in a continuous supply of hot water in your tank. Dishwashing, laundry, and shower have simply been made easy!

Read on as Boaz Augustin, Co-founding father of Borg Energy India, an experienced businessman, and expert in renewable energy take us through the benefits of solar water heaters.

The energy generated is free

The solar water heater absorbs energy from the sun and converts it into heat which is taken up by a heat exchanger and transported into the tank for hot water production. The energy production cost is free and the only cost required is for the installation of the solar water heater components. Although, the installation is expensive, however, the components work for a long period which makes you recover from the cost.

It is very effective

The panels absorb energy from the sun and convert 80% of the radiation into heat without the help of any external sources of energy. This makes it very effective and reliable. The tanks used for storing the hot water is coated with enamel powder to avoid corrosion and also make sure the water transported is bacteria-free.

It takes less space

The panels use less space when compared to the photovoltaic panels. This is because few panels are required for the absorption of energy for the production of hot water.  Also, solar water heaters do not require high maintenance and can be used for about 40years without any fault. Moreso, it is eco-friendly and can be used at any time.

Easy to install

The solar water heaters can be install either vertically or horizontally by a professional. It doesn’t take time and it’s very flexible. The heater is installed on the rooftop in a direction that faces the sun.

It saves the environment 

20% of the energy used in homes is from heating water and many people make use of electricity, gas, and other fossil fuel to generate it. This emits a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can be dangerous to our environment. Switching to a solar water heater will not only reduce carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere but will also protect our environment and climate.

Increases home value

Research has shown that home with solar water heater has more value in the market and are bought at a higher price than the ones with no solar water heater.  “Therefore you can invest in your home by purchasing solar water which will pay off later in future whether you live in the house or sell it,” says Boaz Augustin.

It is costeffective

The solar water heaters extract energy entire from the sun therefore it does not need electricity, gas, and oil or other fossil fuel for its functions. This reduces the cost of electricity in homes and many companies that use electricity for other purposes.

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