Uses of the Solenoid Valve in the Medical Equipment

Solenoid Valve

The proportional solenoid valve is typically used in medical devices. These valves can ensure moderate gas flow with precise speed. Patient care can’t be ensured without a specific quantity of gas like oxygen. The oxygen cylinder uses the solenoid operated pinch valve to automatically control the concentration of the oxygen gas. The rate of oxygen is artificially controlled to treat the patient in the intensive care.

The patients do need the correct concentration of oxygen for respiration. Life sporting treatment does require precise control of the concentration of the chemical. The automated solenoid pinch pneumatic valve ensures the required amount of release of oxygen. The medical devices do require special types of proportional solenoid valves to control the moderate flow of the gases.

There are various characteristics, which make solenoid valves the best for medical equipment.

The Automated Control:

You can control the flow of liquid and gases by the installation of the proportional solenoid valve. The doctors can control the flow of the gases in and out by automated control. The precision and accuracy of the valves are excellent and you can rely on their effectiveness. The automated control of the solenoid valve makes them an accurate device for medical equipment. The valves consist of an electrical coil surrounded by an iron core and they convert the electrical energy to linear energy.

Concentration Liquids in Treatment:

Medical equipment demands high accuracy in terms of force and stroke. The solenoid valve is available in various configurations and you can choose them according to your requirements.

For example in the dialysis machine, there are two solenoid operated pinch valves acting in tandem to control blood flow during the cleansing process. You need the precise concentration of the chemical during the dialysis process. If the input of the chemical is doubled it can be deadly for the patients. You can’t afford the malfunctioning of the medical equipment during the dialysis process.

In Ventilators:

Gas blending and diaphragm pump are two main applications of the ventilators. In blending, a percentage of oxygen is required to be diluted with air. This percentage of oxygen is set by the doctor after seeing the condition of the patient. On the other hand, In a diaphragm pump, a low pressure pump is used to push the precise volume of the air in and out of the lungs. It is controlled by a pilot solenoid valve to have a strong control over the process. Valve opens up when the patient breathes and the sensor decides whether the patient has inhaled or exhaled the breath.

Surgical Equipments:

Solenoid valves are widely used in medical equipment to maintain the accurate flow of gases and liquids. In surgical equipment, they ensure the safety of the patient during major and minor surgeries. They are used in gas mixing for patient anesthesia and for surgical processes (cardiac ablation and argon plasma coagulation). Further, the invasive surgeries depend upon the accurate blow of the gas that is regulated with the help of a solenoid valve. It creates or extends the small cavities in the body to make a space for the surgery on the joints, or tissues or organs. Surgical rinsing and suction requires a good purity and hermetic separation that can be achieved with the help of a valve.

The Medical Applications:

These medical applications are critical in treating patients and you can’t avoid them in medical treatment. You can control the flow of liquid and gases by the installation of the proportional solenoid valve. The precision and accuracy of the valves are excellent and you are relying on their effectiveness.

  • Shock wave therapy by the solenoid valves
  • The use of the surgical equipment
  • The Patient monitoring devices
  • Medical mattresses functioning
  • The anesthesia dose during surgery
  • Controlling and delivering ventilator and respirator gases
  • Oxygen concentrators cylinders

The proportional solenoid valve is used in surgical equipment to give the precise dosage of the anesthesia dose. If the dose is not pinpointed, then it can cause complications during the surgery process. Meanwhile, the fluctuations in the required values can harm the patient or the equipment. So it is crucial to choose the accurate valve after seeing the need, the working environment and the control required upon the fluid.


The solenoid valve is commonly used in the medical industry. Their utilization is essential to get the correct propagation of the gases in the surgical process. Doctors do need precise control over the flow of the liquid and gases in the surgical procedure and the solenoid valves ensure it.

The precision, speed, flow range and flow range are the capabilities of the solenoid valves that makes them perfect for the sensitive medical equipment, where they are used to mix or to deliver the accurate quantity of the oxygen and other essential gases.

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