Wedding hashtag walls and their Rising Popularity

wedding hashtag

A wedding is an occasion of celebration for the couple and their family & friends. And people today find creative ways to celebrate their wedding and make it more interesting & unique for themselves and the guest.

Some of the interesting ways to make a wedding ceremony interesting is to explore wedding trends around the time you’re having your big day. As Mens Wedding Bands offers unique bands to introduce personalization into your ceremony, other trends can do the same.

One such trend in wedding planning is creating custom wedding hashtags using which the guests and the people who could not attend the wedding could share their feelings, visuals, and wishes on social media & the wedding.

With the growing use of wedding hashtags, a new trend of using wedding hashtags walls is becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding Hashtag Walls

A wedding hashtag wall is a feed of content collected from social media around the custom wedding hashtag. A content feed could include images, videos,  or text content like tweets or Facebook posts shared by the people using the hashtag.

Why Wedding Hashtag Wall?

Every couple has their own ideas or vision of having a dream wedding with custom elements to make it exciting and entertaining. Some like to keep it simple low-profile while others like to have a digitally advanced wedding full of cameras, hashtags, photobooths, etc.

A wedding hashtag wall is an amazing way to have a trendy wedding where the guests are feeling involved instead of just sitting there getting bored. Here are a few reasons why to use a wedding hashtag wall.

1. Entertainment Value

Having elements like Photobooths, props, wedding hashtag walls, etc. provide great entertainment value to the whole wedding as the guests could have fun and enjoy their time during the wedding.

Guests could create some amazing photos as an incredible memory of the wedding and these photos can be displayed at the wedding using the hashtag wall.

2. Guest & Social audience engagement

Both the guests present at the wedding and the people who could not attend the wedding could be a part of the wedding and be immersed in it through the wedding hashtag wall.

Guests can show their experience of the wedding and how they are seeing it whereas people who could not attend can use social media to wish the couple and share their opinion on the wedding using the wedding hashtag. Both of these can then be displayed on the wedding hashtag wall.

3. Create Buzz around the Wedding

The wedding hashtag can be shared on social media and friends and family can be asked to share their excitement and feelings leading up to the wedding day.

Once the wedding day arrives, these posts can be displayed through the wedding hashtag wall to see how people were responding, their excitement & expectations, and much more.

How to Implement a Wedding Hashtag Wall

A social aggregator like Taggbox can help you collect all the relevant content from social media using the hashtag into a single feed wall, customize the wall according to your wedding theme, and display it on your website through display screens or even smartphones.

You can even select which all posts you want to show and which you don’t. You also have the option to create exciting games and participation contests with a wedding hashtag aggregator.


A wedding hashtag and wedding hashtag wall will ensure that you and guests won’t miss any of the fun and entertainment that has been going around at your wedding.

So, create a custom wedding hashtag, get the best wedding aggregator, and make the wedding a memorable one for everyone related to it.

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