Camping in the Desert – Choosing the Right Vehicle

right vehicle for desert

We suggest something different if you’re sick of camping in the forest: renting a car and going camping in the desert! The best location for this activity is the United Arab Emirates. Extreme driving enthusiasts will have an adrenaline rush from the sharp bends and leaps. Some might take a ride to the desert to witness the stunning dusk and sands. Everything can be planned as a severe off-road excursion, or you can just rent a classic vehicle and take in the breathtaking vistas of the dunes.

One of the things that makes desert camping so unique is the temperature changes. The combination of hot sun and lack of shade makes the desert dangerous if you don’t know how to care for yourself. Many people are surprised by how cold it gets at night. Therefore, choosing the right car to rent on this journey is extremely important.

What to Look for When Renting a Desert Adventure Car

First of all, you need to choose a suitable car rental salon. There are large and medium-sized businesses in this area. The first option is much more reliable. A reliable car rental company is distinguished by a large selection of cars from economy to business class, the presence of responsive, professional, and attentive staff, as well as an individual approach to each client. All vehicles provided must be in perfect condition within a range of price ranges. Moreover, large companies very often offer discounts for their regular customers.

Good, trusted organizations also have their website, where rental conditions are described in detail. Be sure to fill out a contract and insurance and do not forget to inspect the car when renting it. The desert is a rather extreme place to drive, so it is important to assess the technical condition of the car before the trip. In case you want to rent g63 in Dubai, be sure it’s perfect from the tech side as not to be left in the sands alone.

The car should be roomy because you will need a lot of things on a hike, including food and water. That is, the car must have a spacious trunk to store equipment, clothing, and essentials. Some people take a generator with them to cook their meals.

A car for rent in the desert should have an all-wheel drive, which makes it easier to drive. Bells and whistles are not at all necessary – a simple, understandable, and reliable car with a good engine is better. You can choose from top cars for rent or some budget models – it’s up to you, but remember that the most important point is the good technical condition of the car and a full tank of gasoline.

Examples of Reliable Cars for Driving Through the Desert

4WD Toyota Hilux Pickup (1979−1985)

The manufacturer’s early trucks are some of the most reliable four-wheel drive vehicles in the world. Small pickup trucks managed to shape the reputation of the entire brand. This is a simple and functional technique, which was equipped with a 14-cylinder 20R engine.

Land Rover Defender (1993−1997)

This line has been on the market for decades. The original models, which were produced in 1948, have become a model of reliability throughout the world. The main disadvantage of this transport can only be called high fuel consumption.

Dodge (Ram) Power Wagon (2005−2016)

More than 10 years ago, Dodge showed the world a new all-wheel drive car, which immediately aroused delight and admiration. Early versions were presented with a 5.7 liter V8 engine, and later ones – a 6.4 liter V8 with a capacity of 410 hp.

Mitsubishi Montero (1982−2006)

This model became a kind of response to the presentation of the Toyota Land Cruiser. In later versions, a 3.5-liter V6 engine was offered. In addition, the car had a heavy-duty rear axle.

Remember that when traveling in the desert, where there are strong temperature changes and a lack of water sources, it is not so much the appearance of the car that is important, but its reliability and handling. Choose your car wisely.

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