Some of the most exciting things to do in Little Rock

Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, is rightfully situated at the core of the town. The town is situated just beside the city of North Little Rock and dissected by the Arkansas River. Both these areas came into existence with the establishment of the Arkansas state territory sometime around 1820. There are plenty of things to do in Little Rock and numerous attractions that will keep you busy throughout your trip to the city. Tourists worldwide are attracted to the city for its cultural attraction, serene landscapes, and fun.

Amongst the top visiting spots is the William Clinton president’s library and Museum, a space you would not want to miss.

If you are a history buff, you love a visit to some of its most iconic attractions. Take a stroll around downtown Little Rock and visit the Quapaw Quarter District. The district is an abode to its indigenous Indian tribes and preserves some remaining priceless artifacts. You can visit the Old Statehouse, a classic, and the Macarthur Museum, the birthplace of famous general Sir Douglas MacArthur. Apart from all the cultural and historical sites, there are many family-friendly adventures to partake in. Take your family for a trek to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park and have an amazing bonding story. If you are a fan of movies, do not forget to visit the Old Mill in the city of North Little rock. This place is the exact location where some of the most memorable “Gone with the wind” were shot.

If you plan to visit the city anytime soon, we will suggest you go through our article about the best things to do in Little Rock. We have crafted this comprehensive list to save you some time. Hopefully, this article will keep you from all the hassle involved in managing a trip yourself.

Visit the important Little Rock Central High School.

The Little Rock Central high school is a pioneer institution against the fight for white supremacy. The school had witnessed the 1957 desegregation movement when 9 African American students entered the school premises. That day marked a significant progression in the Civil rights movement and has been a historical site ever since.

If you plan on visiting the Central High school, we highly recommend you take a guided tour. However, a guided tour might be too heavy for your wallet. To save yourself from this misery, look out for Airline packages like Alaska Airlines reservations. The Airlines will offer you some of the best tour packages to Little rock, including a guided tour to this site.

Visit the President’s Library and Museum of William J. Clinton

The Clinton Presidential Library has a recorded examination office and an exhibition hall. Intelligent shows, more than 1,000,000 photographs, and blessings that Clinton got as president are in plain view all through the three stories of the complex.

Don’t forget the Old State House Museum. 

As the first state legislative center of Arkansas, the Old State House was planned by Gideon Shryock and is perhaps the best illustration of Doric design in the southern states. The structure started in 1833 and was finished in 1842 for certain changes done in 1885.

Go for a Hike across the Pinnacle Mountain State Park trail

A little more than 30 kilometers from the northwest edge of downtown Little Rock, the Mountain is a great spot to go for somewhat open-air fun. The mountain stands above and beyond 1,000 feet over the encompassing stream valley.

See the iconic State Capitol. 

Because of the plan of the United States’ Legislative center in Washington DC, the State Capitol here is made of granite and white marble. The front passageway entryways for the Capitol are made of bronze, and the dome is shrouded in 24-karat gold leaf. Guests can investigate the structure and grounds on a planned visit.

Relive old Hollywood glory at the Old Mills

The Old Mill is a grand entertainment of an 1800s grist factory encompassed by three sections of land of finished settings. Featuring in the initial scene of the 1939 work of art, Gone with the Wind, The Old Mill is notable throughout the space as a beautiful spot to appreciate the day.

However, the Old Mill is located on the outskirts of the city and can be reached only via a rented vehicle. If you want to book affordable rental services, go for flying with Airlines that offer packages regarding the same. It is suggested that British Airways reservations are a perfect match for you. The Airlines provide discounted accommodations and include rental services in their tour packages.

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