Who is Christine Baumgartner? The Estranged Wife of Kevin Costner

who is christine baumgartner kevin costner wife

Christine Baumgartner is a jewelry designer and the estranged wife of renowned actor Kevin Costner. Despite trying to maintain privacy, their marriage of 18 years has been in the spotlight, attracting media attention and public interest.

Christine Baumgartner: The Untold Story of Her Life, Love, and Divorce from Kevin Costner

Let’s delve into Christine’s life, her relationship with Kevin Costner, and the unfolding events leading up to their divorce.

Christine Baumgartner Early Life and Career

Christine Anne Baumgartner was born on March 4, 1974, in California, USA. Christine Baumgartner age right now is 49 years around. Her father is Jim Baumgartner. She went to California State University in Fullerton, California, and studied Business, completing her major. Christine grew up in a place where her creativity and ambition were encouraged. Even when she was young, she was really interested in fashion.

christine baumgartner spouse of kevin costner

Specifically, she was fascinated by the beautiful designs and skilled work that went into making jewelry. Christine often spent hours sketching intricate designs and experimenting with different materials. She had a natural talent for making things look beautiful, and she knew that she was meant to work in the fashion industry. She was determined and really loved jewelry design, so she decided to become a jewelry designer.

Christine went to school to learn more about it and then practiced a lot to get even better. She got the chance to work with experienced designers and jewelers, which helped her learn more and get good at her craft.

The Love Story Begins

In the late 1990s, Christine met Hollywood actor Kevin Costner, and they began dating. The couple’s relationship blossomed over six years before they took their love to the next level.

On September 25, 2004, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony held at Costner’s home in Colorado. The event was attended by close family and friends, marking the start of their journey as a married couple.

christine baumgartner kevin costner wife

After their marriage, Kevin Costner and wife Christine were blessed with three children, including their son Cayden Wyatt Costner. The family became an essential part of their lives as they navigated the complexities of fame and parenthood together.

Throughout their 18-year marriage, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner faced both challenges and successes. Balancing their careers and personal lives in the public eye added a layer of complexity to their relationship.

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner’s Divorce Battle

In May 2023, Christine Baumgartner decided to legally end her marriage with Kevin Costner. They had been married for 18 years. The reason given was “irreconcilable differences and they decided it was best to separate. This news came as a shock to people in Hollywood and their fans, who were used to seeing them as a happy and strong couple.

During their divorce, Kevin and Christine have been arguing about the terms of their separation in court. Christine has asked for nearly $250,000 each month for child support to take care of their three children. She explained that this amount is necessary to support the family. In court documents, Kevin Costner spouse Christine shared details of their extravagant spending habits. They spent around $830,000 on gifts and almost $22,000 on spa visits, among other expenses. In response, Kevin stated in court documents that Christine spent $100,000 on cosmetic surgery and also used thousands of dollars for ATM withdrawals, lawyer fees, and more. He believes that $51,940 monthly is sufficient.

Court Verdict

In July 2023, a court order stated that Christine had to leave Kevin’s mansion by the end of the month as per their prenuptial agreement. She had requested to extend the date to August due to money and time constraints. Kevin had complained in court documents that Christine was not following the prenup’s terms, which required her to move out within 30 days if they got divorced.

christine baumgartner kevin costner kids

In the same month, Christine rejected Kevin’s offer of almost $52,000/month for child support. According to court documents, she found the offer unacceptable considering the lifestyle of Christine Baumgartner children were used to. She argued that the amount would make their kids live below Kevin’s standards when they were with her.

During this time, court documents revealed that the former couple was also disputing over household items like a dog’s bed and kitchen utensils. Christine wanted to remove a beach umbrella, juicer, and exercise bike from their home. Kevin’s lawyer stated that he had no objection to her taking toiletries, handbags, clothing, jewelry, and “some Christmas decorations,” but any other item needed to be agreed upon in writing.

Kevin Costner wife Christine wants the judge to reject Kevin’s plea for her to contribute towards his divorce lawyer fees. In July 2023, Kevin was told to pay $200,000 for his attorneys and $100,000 for forensic expenses. He then asked Christine to cover one-third of these costs. Christine claimed that if Kevin hadn’t filed extra motions to evict her from their Santa Barbara mansion, his legal fees wouldn’t have been so exorbitant.

Divorce Drama

Baumgartner, in recent court filings, stated that she currently has no income. However, Costner has accused her of purchasing a new car with the intention of keeping it post-divorce. He further claims that she has been charging her legal expenses to credit cards belonging to their household staff, even though he pays those bills.

christine baumgartner wife of kevin costner

According to newly obtained documents, Christine has denied any plans to remove items from the house while moving out. She has offered to provide photographs of possessions belonging to Kevin and requested permission from his attorneys to take those items with her if they are jointly owned.

Divorce Court Ruling

In an ongoing divorce battle, Baumgartner had expressed her willingness to leave once she received a suitable amount of support from her ex-husband, allowing their children to maintain their accustomed luxury. However, a judge ordered her to vacate by the end of July.

Recently, Baumgartner achieved a partial victory when the judge ruled that Costner would pay $129,000 monthly for child support. Although this falls short of her initial request of $248,000, it surpasses Costner’s proposed amount of $52,000 per month. The judge’s decision is tentative and subject to review, but changes are typically minimal.

Christine Baumgartner Hawaiian Retreat

Amidst the divorce battle with actor Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner, 49, took a break and found solace in a peaceful Hawaiian vacation. The picturesque scenery and warm sun offered her a much-needed escape from the stresses of the ongoing legal proceedings.

Christine confidently embraced her beach vacation, showing off her toned physique in a candy-striped string bikini. With her radiant smile and relaxed demeanor, she looked composed and carefree, despite the divorce turmoil. Her beach chic style highlighted her abs, cleavage, and tanned legs, adding to her confidence and grace.

christine baumgartner enjoying vacation with josh connor

During her vacation, Christine was seen enjoying the company of Josh Connor, a family friend and successful banker. The two were spotted chatting intimately on the beach, sharing laughter and genuine moments of connection. While some observers wondered about the nature of their bond, Christine and Josh seemed comfortable and at ease in each other’s presence.

Josh Connor, a successful banker living near Kevin Costner’s mansion in Carpinteria, California, has also experienced his own divorce. His close association with both Kevin and Christine in recent years adds a layer of intrigue to their relationships. As a well-heeled financier, Josh’s presence in Christine’s life has sparked curiosity among onlookers. As the divorce proceedings continue, the impact on their friendships remains uncertain.

Bottom Line

Christine Baumgartner has been famous because she is separated from Kevin Costner, a well-known actor. She has had a life that has been in the news, from her love for making jewelry to her marriage and now separation from Kevin. The divorce has been filled with fighting and disagreements about money and things they own. Even with all the problems, Christine went on a relaxing trip to Hawaii where she spent time with a friend named Josh Connor. It’s hard to say what will happen next in their relationships.

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