8 Amazing Things To Do With Your Old Stuffed Toys

Old Stuffed Toys

Every kid loves stuffed animals and toys. However, once they grow up, those cute stuffed toys and animals are left stranded. If you are unaware of what can be done with old stuffed toys and animals without throwing them in dustbins, we are here to help.

Stuffed animals and toys are the most precious possessions of young children. Some people love decorating their homes with stuffed toys and keeping them close as the memories of their loved ones. However, too many stuffed toys can create clutter and make your home messy all the time.

In this article, we will walk through some amazing ideas that you consider to do with your stuffed toys rather than simply throwing them away.

1. Donate to NGOs 

One of the best things you can do with your toys is to donate them to NGOs that work on the welfare of young children. It is recommended to wash your stuffed toys and stitch them from the parts they are torn to make them look presentable.

2. Donate to emergency services or hospitals 

As per scientific research, it is proven that stuffed toys and animals offer psychological comfort and emotional support to patients suffering from traumatic situations. You can consider donating stuffed toys to kids suffering from cancer, mental diseases, and other related situations. To add more meaning to your act of kindness, you can consider writing sweet notes or poems to emotionally support young children.

3. Donate to daycare centers 

Daycare centers are often open to people donating toys and gifts to young children. Many children visit daycare centers and it can be challenging for the authorities to purchase new toys. Donating stuffed toys to daycare centers will help them arrange more toys for children and balance their expenses. Make sure to stitch any torn areas and avoid donating severely damaged toys.

4. Recycle them 

It is easy to donate stuffed toys that are in good condition, but the real problem arises with the damaged ones. It can be difficult to donate or give away damaged toys as they are of no great use. You can consider recycling damaged toys for new toys or other products that you can use on a daily basis. Stuffed pillows, new toys, and decorative designs are some most popular recycling ideas for stuffed toys and animals.

5. Arrange a swap event 

Children are often fascinated with toys that they don’t have. The best way to overcome their daily tantrums or need for new toys is to simply arrange a swap event with kids. In this event, you can ask parents to bring the stuffed toys or animals that their kids don’t need and exchange them with the new ones. This event can allow you to connect with more parents and create a strong community.

6. Sell them 

If you are on a budget or need some money to manage your expenses, you can consider selling old stuffed toys for half or at reasonable prices. You can donate stuffed animals to daycare centers, hospitals, or other organizations that actively search for sellers that can sell stuffed animals at lower prices. To make your toys look presentable, wash them with soapy water, stitch the torn areas, and if needed, add more cotton to your stuffed toys.

7. Make a teddy bear backpack 

Stuffed toys make the cutest backpack for children. It is one of the amazing past times and ideas to get the most out of your  stuffed toys. You can watch some DIY (do it yourself) videos to get effective ideas to make a teddy bear at home for your children.

8. Make toys for your pets 

Last but not least, you can make small cute toys for your cats, dogs, or other pets. You can easily make three to four playing stuffed toys out of one large stuffed toy for your pets. Consider making toys that you easily throw or won’t cause harm to your pets.

9. Donating your old stuffed toys to a children

Charity can bring joy and comfort to children who are in need. Many organizations, such as hospitals, orphanages, and shelters, accept gently used stuffed toys as donations.

By donating your stuffed toys, you can make a positive impact on a child’s life. Your donation can provide comfort to a child who may be going through a difficult time or who doesn’t have access to toys of their own.

Donating your stuffed toys also helps reduce waste and gives them a new life with a child who will cherish them. It’s a win-win situation for both the environment and those in need.

If you’re unsure where to donate your stuffed toys, do some research on local children’s charities in your area or look into national organizations that accept donations. Make sure to follow their donation guidelines, as some charities may only accept certain types of toys or have restrictions on the condition of the items.

If needed, consider changing the clothes of your stuffed animals and toys before handing them over to NGOs or daycare centers.


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