How Québec Became A World Leader In Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hershey Rosen

No one will ever think Quebec as a province in Canada could be ranked high in AI technology. Well, their interest in newly developed technology has made them who they are today, says Hershey Rosen. AI technology usage is on the high rise as various business operations are trying to imbibe its usage into their system. It has helped in different areas such as a digital personal assistant, machine translations, cars, cyber security, web search and lots more. AI has not only come to stay but has also made life easy. Its various benefits in these different fields have led to its prominent usage in Quebec and have led to Quebec becoming a world-class AI powerhouse.

For this technology to come to stay, the IT sector needs to have more experts in this field to fulfil its purpose.With Quebec being seventh in the world as an AI powerhouse, you don’t need to look further for an expert. Quebec has been recognized as the driving force that placed Canada as a country in fourth place in the world. Germany and South Korea are still the leading countries in AI followed by Quebec. And right behind Quebec are Israel, Japan and France. It was speculated in December 2021 that three out of four of its chairs in Synthetic intelligence will be placed in Montreal.

What Led To This Great Achievement In Quebec?

It was majorly three factors that made Quebec become the powerhouse of AI. The factors are their fundamental research soundness; this factor has placed them in the 5th rank out 0f 60 countries. Also, the strategic investment by the government and lastly, the rapid growth of various companies. From the recent research, it is discovered that Quebec as a province has 550 AI companies and more which includes 25 incubators and above, capital funds for ventures and accelerators and 45 support organisations in total. This has made Facebook, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Thales open up their companies in Quebec.

How Has The Use Of AI Benefited Quebec?

In the Academy and business world AI has almost taken over the academic world, and it’s rapidly developing in computer science most especially in Quebec, says Hershey Rosen.

In Quebec’s universities, more researchers and students are choosing AI as their courses and research topics. A well-known pioneer in Deep learning, Yoshua Benigo has built an artificial neural network that stimulates how the brain works. He is also the head of Institut Quebecois d’intelligence artificielle, this institute has alone brought together about 900 deep learning specialists together. This Deep Learning (an advanced variant of AI) has helped technology so much that they are now used interchangeably.

Both technologies have helped a lot of companies grow, for example, in the medical line to detect cancer, how to manage large buildings, training of pilots in the aerospace industry, biomarkers discoveries for treating various diseases, etc.  The role of Benigo in this technology is one of the major reasons Quebec ecosystems emerge.

Improvement In Customer’s Experience

AI commercial integration was catalysed by an organisation led by Benigo (IVADO), this organisation intersects both academia and private businesses. This great organisation brought together erudite researchers from the University of Montreal, the researchers are studying the usage of new technology by different people said Sylvian Senecal who is a professor of marketing at HEC Montreal and also a co-director of Tech3Lab  one of the world’s largest universities labs for user experience research.

One of the Tech3Lab projects focuses on how artificial intelligence can help users of IT experience and how this technology can understand the nature of emotions of customers’ experience in  IT.

Financing Improvements

The rapid growth of AI has drawn several investors to invest immensely and this has helped in the advancement of Quebec’s AI and surge them to the top. The amount invested in AI technology is a total of 800million dollars which also includes a higher percentage from the federal government of Canada. This has contributed to various research centre funding and when this happens, more workers are employed thereby, enhancing the country’s financing strategy.

The public funds imputed in this technology have assisted in the usage of AI in many companies. And has also helped the private sector raise 1.5 billion dollars and more to help find developers for a startup.

Increase In Innovative Companies’ Generations

The integration of AI has helped lots of researchers recognize their talents and this has also helped them to be more innovative. This has made many startup companies imbibe the use of AI by providing Ai solutions to their customers/users. This includes social media solutions, supply chain solutions, health care solutions and lots more.

Final Note

As we all know that the rate at which AI technology is moving rapidly, if one doesn’t keep researching spirit on top gear, one will be left behind and this has been one of Quebec’s strengths. Their continuous success has been on unending research on technology transfer and commercialization. And if this continues and they keep maintaining their strength, there is a high probability they will be ranked as the best in the world, says Hershey Rosen.


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Written by Hershey Rosen

Hershey Rosen has over 18 years of experience in the field of technology entrepreneurship. He is From Montreal, Quebec. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.


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