What are the benefits of Franchise Resales UK?

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Franchise resales are a fantastic way to acquire new business in the UK. There is a wide range of franchise resales UK-based available for purchase across the country.

Franchise resales allow you to invest in an already established business model, limiting your risk and potentially widening your returns.

There are many benefits to purchasing franchise resale businesses and in this article, we take a look at the most important advantages of this investment.

What are franchise resales?

A franchise is a business model that allows a purchaser to buy a license from an already well-established company. The ‘franchisee’ pays the established company for the opportunity to open up a new branch of the business or retail outlet in a new location, using existing branding and business expertise.

These franchises are often very successful, however, they sometimes need to be sold on to a new franchisee. This is known as a franchise resale. An established franchise will be sold to a new licensee, who takes over ownership of the business outlet. Investing in a franchise resale simply means that you are purchasing a previously owned franchise.

Selling a franchise might happen for a variety of reasons. The original franchisee might simply want to move on and try something new, they might want to turn a profit by selling their stake in a successful business, or the business might need completely overhauling

The benefits of franchise resales UK-wide

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to purchasing a franchise resale. Here are a few of the best reasons to invest:

It’s an established business and brand

The most important reason to invest in a franchise resale is the fact that it’s an already well-established business. You can choose which industry and company you invest your money and time into, knowing full well that they already have a large customer base across the country and have a proven business model too.

An established brand means that the trust is already there between your customer and the business. You can build on the brand and leverage its qualities to quickly turn a profit with your investment.

The business is already trading

In fact, the business could already be turning a profit and you only need to keep the customers rolling in. A huge advantage of a franchise resale is the fact that it’s already up and running.

You are taking over an established business, and because of that, there’s much less work on your end. You already have the premises, the location and the infrastructure in place. The only start-up cost is essentially the investment toy make to take over the franchise in the first place.

You already have the staff

Importantly, as well as the infrastructure and the customer base, if you’re purchasing a franchise resale then you also have the staff.

Experienced staff members are the most important aspect of your business. Experience, credentials and passion are hard to come by, but with a franchise resale, you’ll be able to meet with and get to know your potential staff before you finalize the purchase.

Experienced staff will also help you to get things off the ground when you first take over the franchise. Not only will you save on their training costs, but they’ll be the ones showing you the ropes. That will be priceless.

You can research the numbers

One of the best benefits of a franchise resale is the chance to look over the numbers before you buy. Setting up your own business from scratch means taking a leap of faith into the dark. You just don’t know if the trading will be profitable, no matter how many projections you might run.

Buying a resale though means that you know exactly how well the franchise has been trading. You can look over profit and loss charts, you can track expenditures and expenses and you can have a fantastic idea of how much money you stand to make.

What franchise resales are there in the UK?

If you’re convinced of the benefits of investing in franchise resales, then it’s time to start looking for the perfect franchise to buy.

Across the country, there is a huge range of opportunities when it comes to franchise UK investments.

The most well-known opportunities are usually food franchise resales. UK-wide, the fast-food industry has the best-established franchise system and the most well-known franchise system in the world.

For example, you could invest in a KFC franchise resale and be confident that there will be a huge demand for fried chicken in your location. But there are also franchises for sale in other industries as diverse as car manufacturing and care homes.

The opportunities for franchise resales in the UK are endless, so why not invest in an established business venture and have the chance to turn a great profit.

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Written by Graham Bainbridge


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