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Recruiters are accelerating the processing of candidates thanks to AI-enabled candidate-sourcing and screening systems.

The fight for talent has become even fiercer and more unforgiving than ever and IT recruitment services in Krakow (and not just there, but everywhere) need to reinvent the wheel in order to catch the best candidates.

The challenges that IT recruitment agencies are facing to find new tactics for recruiting will be discussed in this blog.

We will give an insight into the psyche of a recruitment agency who is evolving to remain relevant by utilizing technology, big data analytics and branding to compete in the marketplace of talent.

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing and Screening

Recruiters are accelerating the processing of candidates thanks to AI-enabled candidate-sourcing and screening systems.

These screening systems filter large candidate pools based on given criteria such as skills and qualifications, as well as the organization’s job openings, to recommend the most time and resource maximizing candidates.

Virtual Reality Assessments and Interviews

VR assessments and interviews – in which the candidate is placed into situational scenarios relevant to the role – are being used as part of the hiring process to help companies see if a job candidate might be a good fit when hiring IT talents.

VR simulation can offer the recruiter insight into a candidate’s merits by showcasing how they perform in areas such as problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability.

Gamification for Candidate Engagement

Some progressive organizations are leveraging gamification to recruit candidates in new, innovative and engaging ways, beyond the old application process. Through interactive games and challenges, candidates can practically showcase their skill, personality and cultural fit in a fun and novel manner. This enhances the candidate experience, and gives recruiters a better taste of the candidate’s soft skills and ability to work in teams.

Data-Driven Predictive Hiring

Likewise, data analytics and predictive hiring models can be used to guide the hiring and staffing process. Past hiring data can help us to make (neutral, unbiased) predictions about future hiring needs, skills gaps and turnover ‘hot spots’. If organizations make data-driven decisions about hiring, they will be more deliberate in their hunt for talent, so, if they want to hire a Solana developer, for example, predictive hiring can help them to regularly restock their talent pipeline.

Augmented Reality (AR) Onboarding and Training

Moreover, it has become the practice for many developing recruiters to apply AR during an onboarding and training procedure. The fresh hires are immersed into a fictitious environment, where all the training materials are displayed through the head-mounted lens.

Such technology has enhanced realism, and adds interactivity to the training process. They gave candidates and also existing employees the choice to learn things faster, consequently, the period of training process has significantly reduced in comparison with the old-fashioned classroom-based approach.

Leveraging Employer Branding and Social Media

Since the world is becoming virtual, companies and recruiters are focusing on utilizing social media to establish a convincing employer branding activity by portraying an appealing image of the company culture. Testimonials from candidates and employees, and other befitting company associations to their online presence in hope of resonating with their potential workforce.

Mobile Recruiting and Application Process

Indeed, revolutionary companies are even revolutionizing recruitment by making it mobile-friendly. Applicants can now search for jobs, apply and even submit their résumés through mobile-optimized career sites and mobile application processes. The next job seeker could do everything from looking to hiring all from her tiny devices.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

In return for their diversity investments, firms effectively purchase more diverse applications, and can benefit from signaling their progressive nature to applicants interested in working within an inclusive culture.

Overall, as there is a fierce competition for the all-important but dwindling resource of skill-talent amid an extremely complex business environment, it is paramount for any organization to bridge the gap between them and the so-called ‘war for talent’.

As a result, companies shall revolutionize the aged ineffective hiring methods and expand their talent acquisition strategy through AI-driven candidate sourcing.


Using VR assessment, recruiting gamification, data science-driven predictive hiring, AR onboarding programme, social media branding, mobile recruiting and diversity and inclusion, to build a powerful and diversified talent pool for future sustainable organizational success and growth.

As the talent market is rapidly changing, innovative recruiting approaches will inevitably become the game changers for any organization to be deemed a ‘global champion’ recruiter.

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