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zoe dimoldenberg - amelia dimoldenberg sister

Who’s the person behind a star who helps them shine? Meet Zoe Dimoldenberg, the supportive sister of Amelia Dimoldenberg. Zoe is known for being a big part of Amelia’s life, especially when it comes to her show ‘Chicken Shop Date’. She’s not just family; she’s a friend and a helper who’s always there for Amelia. we will tell you everything about Amelia Dimoldenberg’s sister, Zoe in this article.

Who is Zoe Dimoldenberg, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Sister? – Birth, Parents, and Education

Zoe Dimoldenberg, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s sister, was born in the Westminster area of London in 1992, making her a true city girl from the start. 

She’s the daughter of Linda, a retired librarian, and Paul Dimoldenberg, who’s known for his work with the Labour Party in Westminster City Council. 

Zoe and her sister Amelia, who’s made a name for herself with the web series ‘Chicken Shop Date’, both went to St Marylebone School. After that, she took admission in the University of Bristol, where she studied English Literature and graduated in 2014.

Zoe grew up in Marylebone with her sister where she enjoyed a nurturing environment that likely played a role in shaping her creative and academic pursuits.


Zoe Dimoldenberg, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s sister, is someone who does a lot of different things in the world of media. She took English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, one course that sculpted her into a good writer and full of new ideas.

She launched her career in journalism after graduation, working as a senior editor for the youth magazine The Cut in Stowe Centre youth club on Harrow Road. Editorial skills are not constrained within the four walls of paper; Zoe is also one of the co-founders and creative director of Who Cares?, a web series that raises social issues and critiques the stereotypes that society imposes upon us.

Apart from writing and editing, Zoe loves to travel, take photos, and listen to music. Zoe is very great at doing a lot of different things, especially today, when it comes to media and culture.

Zoe Dimoldenberg Contribution to Chicken Shop Date

Zoe Dimoldenberg is one of the key contributors to the success of Chicken Shop Date the web series, the creator of which is her sister Amelia Dimoldenberg. For example:

  • Editing: Zoe helps in the editing of the episodes, making sure that the final product is polished and engaging.
  • Filming: She is involved in the filming process, helping to capture the unique atmosphere of the chicken shop settings.
  • Scriptwriting: Zoe contributes to the scriptwriting, adding her creative touch to the show’s content.
  • Research: Zoe researches information for the show, which is absolutely vital in order to help her prepare the interviews to be informative and interesting.
  • Booking Guests: Zoe helps to book guests that would make appearances on the show, ranging from celebrities and public figures.
  • Moral Support and Creative Input: She provides moral support to Amelia and offers creative input, sharing a similar sense of humour and vision for the series

Amelia Dimoldenberg: Biography


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Amelia Dimoldenberg is a famous person in the UK for making people laugh and for her special way of interviewing famous people. She was born on January 30, 1994, in a place called Westminster in London. 

Her father, Paul Dimoldenberg, is a notable member of the Westminster City Council and the Labour Party. She grew up in Marylebone and went to St Marylebone School. 

There, she did really well in subjects like English, art, politics, and IT. Amelia loved learning and creating things, so she went to a special college called Central Saint Martins and got a degree in Fashion Communication.

Amelia’s career is marked by her innovative approach to media. She is the brainchild behind the hit web series Chicken Shop Date, which began as a column in the youth magazine The Cut. 

The series showcases her interviewing celebrities in the unconventional setting of fried chicken restaurants, all while displaying her signature deadpan humour.

Lots of people watch her show Chicken Shop Date on YouTube and really like it. Amelia has a special way of asking questions that makes the celebrities think and sometimes makes the interviews funny and interesting.

Amelia also does interviews on red carpets and appears in other shows. She always brings her fun and unique style to these interviews. 

Social Media Presence

It seems that Zoe Dimoldenberg prefers to keep a low profile on social media. There are conflicting reports about her online presence; one source mentions that she shares travel photos and stories on Instagram, suggesting she has an account with followers interested in her content. 

However, another source states that she doesn’t have any social media profiles, not even WhatsApp. This could mean that she values her privacy and chooses not to be active on these platforms, or perhaps she uses them under a different name that’s not publicly known. 

If you’re looking to follow her work, you might want to keep an eye on projects associated with her, like the web series Who Cares? or contributions to Chicken Shop Date.

Social Media Platforms of Amelia Dimoldenberg

Amelia Dimoldenberg is quite active on social media. You can find her on:

  • Instagram: She joined in August 2012 and has a following of 1.8 million people under the username @ameliadimz.
  • X: She’s been tweeting since October 2009 and has over 318.5 K followers.
  • YouTube: Amelia’s channel is where she posts her popular series, Chicken Shop Date, and has a strong subscriber base with 2.3 million subscribers.
  • TikTok: Amelia has a TikTok account with 3.2 million followers and 107.3 million likes.
  • Facebook: Amelia has a Facebook account with 872 K followers.

She’s also been recognized for her work on social media, having been selected as the social media ambassador for the Oscars 2024. This shows her significant influence and presence in the digital space. 


Zoe Dimoldenberg’s relationship status has been a topic of interest, especially since her sister, Amelia, has been in the public eye.  As of now, we do not have any information about Zoe Dimoldenberg’s relationship or whether she is involved with anyone.

Her sister, Amelia is currently single. She was in a relationship with British rapper Aitch, which began in 2019 and became official in 2022. However, their relationship ended just a month later, and they decided to remain friends. 

Zoe Dimoldenberg Net Worth

Zoe Dimoldenberg net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, and as such, there isn’t an official figure available. 

However, considering her involvement in various creative projects like The Cut magazine and the web series Who Cares?, as well as her contributions to Chicken Shop Date, it’s clear that she has built a career in the media industry. 

Bottom Line

Zoe Dimoldenberg, who is Amelia Dimoldenberg’s sister, has done a lot of cool stuff for media and online shows. She’s been a big help in making Chicken Shop Date a hit and knows a lot about making magazines and videos. Zoe and Amelia show us that when family members work together, they can create awesome things that lots of people enjoy.

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