Why Marketplaces are the answer to B2B Chemical Distribution

B2B marketplaces

Those who are in the commerce industry have come across B2B marketplaces in one way or the other. Some industry experts have even used B2B marketplaces because such places help them reduce their money and time. For those who don’t know, B2B marketplaces are actually digital platforms for distributing or selling products. Lots of B2B marketplaces have made millions or billions of profits annually. Examples of such marketplaces include Amazon B2B, Alibaba, and so on.

Furthermore, B2B is slightly different from B2C because B2B is business to business while B2C is business to consumer. Many online giant platforms like eBay and Amazon use B2C. However, not all of them use B2B marketplaces. But now, many e-commerce websites are trying to integrate into B2B marketplaces. If this happens, many things will change in the business world. This is why companies like Ram Charan Company Co Pvt Ltd have veered towards B2B chemical distribution. Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd is a chemical distributing company in Chennai, India. It is a leading firm that focuses on the automotive sector.

A brief explanation of B2B

B2B platforms are used by businesses to sell and purchase services or products from each other. It is almost like B2C, but B2B doesn’t involve the consumers. Rather, it focuses on the relationship between businesses and their transactions.

Another way B2B differs from B2C is the scale of transactions performed on both platforms. B2B allows for large transactions between businesses, and these transactions are not as simple as B2C transactions.

Why do companies now want to use B2B distribution?

As far back as the 90s, many companies have tried but failed at moving their business online. They didn’t get a grasp of the online business world and ended up losing money, instead. Those who survived changed their business operations from the ones they were known for.

But years later, companies are becoming bolder and wish to explore B2B to expand their business. Giant tech firms, startups, and other industries have also shown interest in B2B. Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd says, Chemical distributors are not left out, as they have been clamoring to venture into B2B.

All these industries want to use B2B because there are a lot of benefits they’ll get from using B2B.

Advantages of B2B

Efficiency: The efficiency of B2B marketplaces is so high that businesses find it easy to purchase or sell their services and goods. Sellers can reach an audience quickly without any problems, and this audience may turn into paying clients. While buyers can have access to a wide range of products offered by B2B. Part of the efficiency of B2B is the presence of automated services that saves time and energy.

Saves time: The efficiency of B2B makes it a cost-effective way of doing business. It helps users to save money and time when they list their businesses on B2B marketplaces.

Global reach: B2B users are exposed to many business opportunities. Sellers can reach those who need their products or services anywhere in the world.

Trust: B2B helps businesses to get the trust of their customers. The platform helps them to create brand awareness and provide excellent customer service.

Why B2B marketplaces are important for business owners

According to Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd, Several companies find it hard to find the right customer who satisfies their business needs. Moreover, most businesses rely on existing relationships with previous customers. And for them to build this kind of relationship, it would have taken many years of providing reliable services. This in turn makes it hard to find new customers to patronize them. Not only that, they find it hard to move excess stock, manage the tail end, and spot buy. Thankfully, the existence of B2B marketplaces solves these problems. On B2B, a business can form a connection with another business to get mutual benefits. B2B connects trustworthy sellers and buyers so that they can satisfy their needs.

Categories of B2B

Direct to customers: Sellers of this type of B2B directly sell their services or products to clients via their personal digital space.

Private: A private B2B is more common in the business world than other types of B2B. Users on private B2B connect via a privately created marketplace. This B2B is developed and controlled by a different firm. Private B2B is efficiently made and systematically coordinates resources to reduce costs. Furthermore, private B2B simplifies the supply chain for all users on the platform.

Partner: This is specifically created for those who want to sell something. In a partner B2B, business owners are verified, distributors and dealers. The marketplace belongs to B2B business owners, and they manage the platform and product. This means that any company listed on partner B2B is not a scam.


In a nutshell, the chemical industry is a complicated and large one that needs an equally large and complicated marketplace. While B2B has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is the comparison system that exists among businesses listed on B2B. But businesses should think of the numerous benefits offered by B2B instead of focusing on its disadvantages. Even if you don’t use B2B, customers will still find a way to compare your business with other businesses. So why not make it easier for potential customers to get access to you by using B2B? The customers will trust you more because they believe you are providing them with something of value.

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