Trinidad Valentin: Saweetie Mother and American Music Videos Model

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Trinidad Valentin is a popular American musician and model who, with the support of her extended family, raised her daughter Saweetie, a well-known rapper in America. But Trinidad’s story is about more than just being a mom. It’s a tale of courage, determination, and triumph over challenges.

When Trinidad became Saweetie mother at only 17, many might have thought her dreams were over. But she didn’t let her situation control her future. Instead, she used her experience as a young mom to inspire others and show them they can achieve their dreams too.

In this article, we will not focus on Saweetie, but rather on who is Trinidad Valentin and learn about her birth, career, and her journey as a mother and also as a music model.

Birth and Background

As of 2023, Trinidad Valentin’s age is 47 years. Trinidad Valentin was born in 1976 and grew up in a big family with six siblings. Her family comes from a mix of Filipino and Chinese backgrounds. When Trinidad was just 17 years old, she had her first child, Saweetie, who later became a famous rapper in America.

Being a young mother came with many challenges, but Trinidad didn’t let them stop her. She had the support of her mother, who helped raise Saweetie. Despite becoming a mother at a young age, Trinidad never gave up on her dream of being a video model. Her natural beauty and elegance caught the attention of famous artists like Nelly, DMX, and LL Cool J, and she appeared in many of Trinidad Valentin music videos.

Trinidad Valentin: Husband

Trinidad Valentin is married to Johnny Harper. Johnny used to play football for San Jose State. His dad also played football for the San Francisco 49ers for a long time. Johnny loves football just like his dad and decided to play too. He found love with Trinidad Valentin and they got married. Trinidad Valentin and Johnny have three daughters, and among them are identical twins. Their names are Saweetie, Maya, and Milan.

Trinidad Valentin: Career

Trinidad had her daughter Saweetie when she was only 17 years old. Due to this, Trinidad had to work diligently at various jobs for extended periods of time in order to provide for her child. This was particularly difficult as she was also a well-known figure and had to conceal her pregnancy in its early stages.

In a 2020 episode of The Icy Life, Saweetie discussed her mother’s occupation as an online model during her teenage years. Trinidad also had the opportunity to appear in music videos for popular songs by DMX and Nelly, which occurred during the mid-2000s.

Her story serves as a testament to her strength and determination, as she refused to let obstacles hinder her pursuit of her aspirations and caring for her family.

Trinidad Valentin: Children

Trinidad Valentin, the mother of rapper Saweetie, has two other daughters named Maya and Milan. While Saweetie is well-known, her sisters Maya and Milan aren’t as famous. Maya has around 45.1 K Instagram followers, showing she’s somewhat known. Milan has even fewer followers, only 6,481.

But Maya and Milan stay active in their own pursuits. They created an online program called “Ontheharp” where they talk about different topics and share smoothie recipes. They really care about health and wellness and like to share their knowledge with others. Even though Saweetie is the most famous, Trinidad Valentin raised three smart and talented daughters.

Trinidad Valentin: Physical Attributes

Trinidad Valentin cares a lot about her body and wants to stay healthy and fit. She is not very tall, about 170 cm, and tries to keep a moderate weight that suits her personality. Trinidad Valentin weighs around 59 kg or 130 lbs.

She has done a great job in staying in good shape and looks really nice – slim and attractive. Her net worth is estimated to be around $900K.

Saweetie: Daughter of Trinidad Valentin

Saweetie, a California native, began her music career at the young age of 13 as a songwriter and at 15 as a recording artist. She rose to fame through her Instagram rapping and by sharing her songs on SoundCloud. She was born on 2nd July, 1993 which makes her 30 years old as of now. One of her biggest hits, ‘Icy Grl’, was a remix of Khia’s song ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick It)’, and it was released on SoundCloud in 2017.

‘Icy Grl’ became a popular single and received a Platinum certification. This success marked the beginning of Saweetie’s thriving career. She has released several hit singles, three EPs, and she will be releasing her debut album, ‘Pretty B*tch Music’, in 2022. Saweetie Valentin has 12.9 M followers on Instagram.

Bottom Line

Trinidad Valentin’s story is all about never giving up. Even though she became a mom at a young age, she didn’t let that stop her from following her dreams as a video model. She showed that if you work hard and stay determined, you can overcome any challenges and achieve your goals.

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