Why Do Workers in Office Prefer the Online Courses?


This assessment mainly described the perceived value of the differences between the online and the traditional learning of the employees.  In relation to the online pause is provided to the employees, there are different shared visions of the overall impression which is compared with your opinion before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this assessment we are discussing the concept that the office workers mainly prefer the online courses in relation to the traditional working.  The main reason of this preference is that the office workers usually get the reliability and level of comfort Hindi online courses and relation to the traditional work.

Why do workers in office prefer the online courses?

The important and key elements which is increasing the employee engagement find satisfaction in the workplace includes the opportunity to grow and develop.  The workers then employees of the organization need to continue learning when they see that they have the opportunity to grow and move up to their career ladder.  This ultimately increases the morale and motivation of the employees when the HR manager encourages them to learn new skills and continuously remain on trending through development of leadership qualities.  There are different things which is mainly related to the rise in technological advantage when the online learning is implemented in the business operations (Aliyyah, 2020). The employees are provided with the online training programs by which they would encourage their workers in the online courses.

Benefits of online courses for workers

There are different beneficial points which shows that the office worker usually prefer the online courses due to the following reasons and advantages

Cost savings

One of the key and important benefit which is available to the workers of the office includes the online learning.  This ultimately increases the chances of growth for both employees and the business in relation to the cost saving.  It is possible for the individuals to work in relation to the complete degree online rather than to come at office. This would allow to hire someone to take my online class the employees of the organization usually study online and they don’t have to front their cost of finance of moving to attend their universities.  This ultimately saved their expenses like travel expense, campus fees and other different types of accommodation cost.  For business because saving program also involves the presenting of training and other online learning programs.

Flexibility, time saving and convenience

The other key point of online learning for the workers of the organization usually provide the convenience and flexibility to the individuals, so that take my class online.  For example if workers of the organization want to learn new skill, they can develop their knowledge by not providing time of their work to do so.  They can enhance their performance and skills by sitting at home and can also learn late night by not attending on campus classes.

The workers usually his saved their time by not attending the online campus classes.  Instead of attending the classes they can complete their course at home by listening the lecture at anytime of the day or night according to their comfort level in their homes.  They have the flexibility and convenience that what time it’s their schedule.  If any worker only has 15 or 20 minutes available one night to study then they can spend this time to have lecture by not wasting couple of hours to attend the on campus classes.  The online learning is much more immediate and convenient for the office workers (Aliyyah, 2020).  This does not require any training to be conducted, the individuals can attend their classes by clicking few button.  In addition there are different online learning programs which can be customized in relation to incredibly handy for different organizations.

If any information is missed then the student can easily replay the video and listen it again multiple times.  In on campus classes the workers and the students face a struggle to digest the information due to distraction and sometimes they cannot listen the lecture due to the interruption.  This problem is not with the online learning as the individual can easily listen the lecture multiple time.  The individuals are more energized and can better concentrate when they have the comfort level at home.

More effective learning

The workers of the organization usually prefer the online courses because it is more effective in learning for both the students and the organization.  This would ultimately provide the butter and good investment as a result.  When workers are studying online they can learn at their own pace (Majumdar, 2020). The level of distraction reduces when the individual can put ear phone into the study and they feel more energized and easily concentrate on the information and lecture.

Career advancement

In the year 2019, the Santa Clara University has researched about the online learning which impacted their students who are also the workers in the organization.  Because we give it there are 50% of the respondents who usually appreciate the benefits of online classes due to the benefits and opportunities provided by it.  The online courses for the office worker usually related to the career advancement and which these certificate can qualify the employee (Majumdar, 2020).  This mainly considers no and these students who can take their classes on weekends and can do their job five days a week without getting tired due to the load of burden.


The online courses are preferred by the workers in an organization due to the level of comfort in relation to the learning environment.  This mainly creates the ability for the worker to complete their course at coffee shop or library by getting the advantage of time.  There are some other facilities which is also provided which includes the pacing option for the learners.  The students for example complete their course in campus within three months, do to the online course available they can easily complete the three month scores within 1.5 month by saving time. The graphic flexibility is also provided to the students and workers.  The graphic facility mainly includes the save of time and cost because the workers and the students can has the flexibility to complete their course at home.

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