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fantasy kabaddi app

There are several platforms that provide individuals with the option to have a fantasy kabaddi app. This has enabled the users to utilize their existing knowledge regarding the game so that they can earn a good amount of cash prizes and cash backs. Individuals can also link their Paytm and bank accounts with these platforms so that they can withdraw the money whenever when they want. Such platforms are a hundred percent legal in India and these are the best options of earning part-time income especially for the students or people into jobs.

The best part of this application is that the users get Rs.20 each time when they verify their mobile number and Rs.10 on verification of email. Also, they get Rs.12345 cashback on the first deposit which is a great motivation for the people to be loyal to this platform. At the time of joining this particular platform, the users have to create an official account and login to the official website. When the login process has been done then the match will be selected and then the individuals have to click on the joint no button so that they can play the matches. In the fantasy kabaddi app team of nine players has to be created which is further categorized into 2 to 3 raiders, 2 to 3 defenders, and 2 to 3 all-rounders.

All the selection of team players has to be done within the budget of 1000 gems provided by the platform. After the team has been selected then the most important decisions of selecting the star player as well as the captain have to be made. Such decisions require proper knowledge and research of the game so that one can have a competitive advantage over all the teams. When the individuals have joined the paid pot then they will get Rs.25 in the form of bonus cash. After this, the match will begin and the individuals will start earning points based upon the actual performance of the players which have been selected by the team owner. At the end of the match, final rankings and winners will be declared.

Following are some of the most important decisions to be made by the team owner:

-Selecting the all-rounder’s:

At the time of the creation of a team 2 to 3 all-rounder’s have to be selected. The selection of these players will depend upon the knowledge of the team owner and several other factors that affect the match. The player’s selection should be made after properly analyzing the previous records of the players which are always available on the official website. A thing to be considered here is that the selection of all-rounders should never be made from a single team and people from different teams should be picked. This will help in reducing the dependence on a single team and will allow the opportunity to the team to score more points. The trials should be made to select all-rounder’s from different teams but in case only a single team is performing too good then the all-rounder’s and should be selected from that particular team only.

-Selecting the defenders:

In case any of the individual wants to create the team then selecting the defenders is also the most important decision which has to be made. The selection of defenders will depend upon the actual lineup and performance in the matches. If the lineup of the team is very strong then they should go with selecting a few defenders and in case the line-up of the team is very weak then more defenders should be selected. Formulating various strategies will help in fetching more points to the team. A minimum of two and a maximum of three defenders are required and records of these players must be well considered before choosing them.

-Selecting the raiders:

At the time of team building, this is another important decision that has to be made. So, a particular team requires a minimum of two and maximum of three raiders. A try should be made that they are from different teams. Background checks have to be performed before choosing the players. Another pro advice is to make one of the raiders as captain or star player because this will help in increasing the points for the team which will ultimately allow them to win the match.

-Selecting the captain and star player:

This decision is the most crucial one at the time of building the team. The star player gets 2X points and the captain gets 1.5X points. Any of the raiders should be made as the star player or captain to score a good number of points in the match. The star player and captain should never be chosen from the same team because it will increase the dependence on a single team. As the team owner is never sure about any of the players then he or she can mark the message that factor because the points will be reduced to half which they will score the actual match.

Formulations of teams and taking various decisions require proper knowledge of the game. In the case in individual have proper knowledge and expertise then he or she will be making the most informed decisions in the best interest of the team. There are various platforms that also provide time to time information about the players. The motive of every team owner should be to beat the opponent team with the maximum margin. The spectators can also play on these platforms and earn money. Such platforms are highly safe and help to provide the most enriched experience to the players. These platforms do not fall under the category of gambling.

The best fantasy kabaddi league app helps to provide all the above-mentioned benefits. So, all those people who possess some knowledge about the game and want to utilize it in the best possible manner then must go with the option of downloading these applications so that they can win the match and earn the money.

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