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Valentine’s Day is not only a day of the calendar. It is a big festival of love. Valentine’s Day is not less than Christmas, Holi, and Diwali. This is the day, to express your love for your special one. This is a day, which is made only for love. This is a day, where a rose says everything. Valentine’s Day is a one-week celebration.  This is a week made for the celebration of love. The whole week is like a treasure and trailer. The main celebration is Valentine’s Day. But in all this celebration, rose plays a very important role. So today, I will guide you for your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Red Rose

Red rose bouquet, I don’t need to say about this. Because this color of rose says everything. Red rose express, your deep and true love. Red rose is not just a rose. It is a way of showing love.  This rose says how much you love someone. Especially on Valentine’s Day, the red rose is very special. If you love someone doesn’t forget to send flowers. Because red rose shows how intensely, you love your sweetheart. So If you love someone truly. Just go and give this red rose. You can order cake online in Delhi by Bloomsvilla. Because this is a beautifully romantic flower. For me, none of the flowers is romantic than the red rose.

Pink Rose

This is such a beautiful flower. It is said that pink is a girly color. It is said, girls love pink, and that’s right.  But this is also true, boys also like pink. Maybe someone doesn’t like pink color. But none of the people can say no to pink rose. So this Valentine how can you celebrate, without sending pink rose. So this Valentine’s Day, send flowers to Mumbai. You just need to order online, and your love and care will reach your dear ones. Because the pink rose is always added romance in love. If you both just started, then this Valentine’s Day definitely gifts pink rose to your special one. You can give it to all the lovely, the person of your life. Because Valentine is the celebration of love. So it should be celebrated with every single person whom you love the most.

White Rose

White rose, this is also for love. If this is your first Valentine after the wedding. You should gift a white rose bouquet to your better half. Because this is for a wedding. The white rose is also special for a new relationship. So you must, give a white rose. This will, add a new fragrance to your new married life, and you just started a relationship too.

Orange Rose

Orange is such a lovely and happy color. Let me tell you, coral rose says the same. This is most likely to orange rose. In fact, it is part of the orange rose. If you love someone truly, but you are afraid to say this. I have an awesome idea for you. Don’t think much just send an orange rose bouquet to that person.  And don’t forget to add a note of beautiful and romantic quotes. This will do everything. You just don’t need to do something dramatic. This rose will say to that person you like him or her. It will say that this is not only a friendship for you. This will say, you want more and him or her is special for you.

Purple Rose

 I know you must be feeling weird by seeing, purple rose in this list. But the purple rose is very special and beautiful. If you have a crush on someone.  This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to give this rose. Because purple color rose symbolizes, innocence, a form of love. Purple rose symbolizes the love at first sight. The other reason for adding this rose in this list is loyalty. Yes, this symbolizes loyalty too. And we all know, the importance of loyalty in a relationship. So how could we forget this rose?

Here, I gave all the information regarding the meaning of rose color. These all are perfect for Valentine. So without any hesitation, you can give these roses, to your special one. Now, choose rose according to your preferences or desire.

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